Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's Day

My parents joined us for church on Father's Day this year. It was nice to get to be with my dad for part of the day!

Mike grew out a bit of a mustache to go with our church's theme of "taking back manhood" We waited to take pictures with him until after church when he could shave it off!! ;)

MUCH BETTER! Here's the rock of our family with our sweet girls!

Another picture with PawPaw:

Opening cards/gifts:

Mike needed new flops. So that's what I got him. You're impressed with my gift-giving, I know. Someone little had to try them on first:

After my parents headed home, Lexi napped, and then we visited Mike's family for the rest of the day:

Randy & Mike:

Sarah turns 30!!

Mike had surprised me with a video compilation of friends and family wishing me a happy 30th birthday. I was so touched. It was a long time to watch all these well wishers, and by the time it was over, I was in tears and my cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much. What a perfect gift.

My parents were in town on the evening of my actual birthday. As usual, I had plenty of help opening gifts!

Randy and Dorie brought over their gift to me just the other night. They had thoughtfully put together a whole gift bag including 30 of each item. (30 k-cups, 30 quarters, 30 dollar giftcards, etc.) I completely missed the theme...thankfully Dorie pointed it out when I finished opening everything! I have no idea how I missed that... ;)

The month of June

Natalie started swim lessons again and is doing AWESOME. Once again, this timid girl is becoming more confident and accomplishing goal after goal. This is a kid that wouldn't even put her face in the water two-years-ago, and now jumping in the deep end (with no hesitation) and swimming back to the wall...we are impressed!

We are enjoying our later mornings, lounging around the house. Although Natalie stays bundled since this very pregnant momma has control of the thermostat! :)

Snuggled up against me:

Some of their favorite time is in the evening when daddy is with them. Mike is often extremely tired but they are just happy to be near him:

My lap is never too small for my kids...we just have to adjust at times for the expanding belly:

Watching Natalie and Daddy leave to run an errand:

Potty training has begun here:

Holding hands b/c Lexi was scared of a bit of thunder/rain on our drive home:

We cleared out some space in our " formal dining" room. Now our guests won't have to sleep on an air mattress. :) Yay!

At the dermatologists office. I thought she looked so grown up here!

Lexi's latest trick is to cross her eyes. Lovely!

Mike fixing the air conditioner himself when it went out last week. Thanks to a friend who knows a lot about a/c's, Mike was able to fix it and save us a LOT of money. Poor guy was out in the heat/humidity for hours working on this task.


Summer colds are no fun!!

The month of May

This was on Mother's Day. I am so thankful for these beautiful daughters of ours. I never in a million years thought I'd be blessed with TWO girls, and the third will be here before we know it. I love their hearts, their personalities, and cherish the differences in each of them.

We have a mirror leaning against a wall, that I'm trying to sell. Lexi thinks it her time to practice making faces. I am falling over laughing every time. She is a riot.

Horrible picture of me (thank you pregnancy mask) but LOVE the love in this picture!


Natalie had a year-end field trip to the botanical gardens. Mom and I chaperoned. (between her ankle, and my 9 months of pregnancy...we were quite slow) However, I love this picture of the two of them:

Lexi loves this clock in Nani and Pop's house:

Thunder storms in the middle of the night, make great snuggle times:

Another clock she loves. When she pushes the button, music plays. Guess how many times she pushed that button!? You don't even want to know...

Love this kid!

Early morning love for MawMaw:

Rudy and Natalie have a very close bond. They are often snuggled up together. On this day, Natalie was very upset about something. (I forgot what it was now) but within minutes, Rudy was laying next to her and the tears stopped. Pets are amazing at lifting spirits, especially in kids.

Tickling Daddy:

My huge accomplishment is in the next picture. If you don't already know, I drive a Prius. AND. I. LOVE. IT. I also wasn't sure how the heck I was going to get 3 car seats in the back. BUT I DID IT. They all three fit. SOLID installs, and best of all, they don't even touch the doors. (One happy momma here)

Cards game!

Natalie's school took a field trip to one of the Cardinal's home games. We had it all planned out, Mike would chaperone, and I would stay home with Lexi. (B/c who wants to wrangle a two-year-old at a ball park!?)  Anyway, the day AFTER ticket sales ended, Natalie comes home from school and informs me that she will be singing in the 7th-inning-stretch. She had auditioned (I didn't even know she wanted to!) and passed her audition to sing with her school. That began our scramble to get tickets for myself and Lexi. :)

The day of the game!

It was hot...I took a picture while we were briefly in the shade.

Love this kid!

Our view:

Lexi and I cooling off, while waiting for Natalie to sing:

Mike went down with her, and took this pic:

I took video of her from across the stadium, and when she was done, I was crying (almost sobbing) tears of pride and joy. It wasn't just b/c she was on the field singing, it was b/c my timid girl AUDITIONED in front of her whole class, and sang in front of an entire stadium. A year ago, she was too nervous to do this. This year, she nailed it with confidence. I'm so proud of her!

After it was all over, was crashed at home under the fan!