Thursday, June 27, 2013

The month of June

Natalie started swim lessons again and is doing AWESOME. Once again, this timid girl is becoming more confident and accomplishing goal after goal. This is a kid that wouldn't even put her face in the water two-years-ago, and now jumping in the deep end (with no hesitation) and swimming back to the wall...we are impressed!

We are enjoying our later mornings, lounging around the house. Although Natalie stays bundled since this very pregnant momma has control of the thermostat! :)

Snuggled up against me:

Some of their favorite time is in the evening when daddy is with them. Mike is often extremely tired but they are just happy to be near him:

My lap is never too small for my kids...we just have to adjust at times for the expanding belly:

Watching Natalie and Daddy leave to run an errand:

Potty training has begun here:

Holding hands b/c Lexi was scared of a bit of thunder/rain on our drive home:

We cleared out some space in our " formal dining" room. Now our guests won't have to sleep on an air mattress. :) Yay!

At the dermatologists office. I thought she looked so grown up here!

Lexi's latest trick is to cross her eyes. Lovely!

Mike fixing the air conditioner himself when it went out last week. Thanks to a friend who knows a lot about a/c's, Mike was able to fix it and save us a LOT of money. Poor guy was out in the heat/humidity for hours working on this task.


Summer colds are no fun!!

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