Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrating 7 years of Natalie!

A visit from my parents BEFORE her actual birthday:

Birthday morning...breakfast in our bed, as usual!

Off to school!

When we picked her up, we gave her a gift (special ordered) then headed to the store to stuff it:

LOVES this thing.

Then more cards/gifts from Monnie and Daddy that evening:

It is really hard, being 2 years old, and watching your older sister open a lot of gifts. She did great though, only a few tears, and Natalie was kind enough to let her hold Rainbow Dash (the new gift) to help her feel better.

We celebrated with Mike's family a few days later. Lexi was VERY interested in this cookie ALL day long. LOL!

Lexi even got to open a gift that evening, thanks to Mimi!

Playing her newest game, headbandz. It was hilarious. Especially when Lexi would call out what each card was. :))

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