Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cards game!

Natalie's school took a field trip to one of the Cardinal's home games. We had it all planned out, Mike would chaperone, and I would stay home with Lexi. (B/c who wants to wrangle a two-year-old at a ball park!?)  Anyway, the day AFTER ticket sales ended, Natalie comes home from school and informs me that she will be singing in the 7th-inning-stretch. She had auditioned (I didn't even know she wanted to!) and passed her audition to sing with her school. That began our scramble to get tickets for myself and Lexi. :)

The day of the game!

It was hot...I took a picture while we were briefly in the shade.

Love this kid!

Our view:

Lexi and I cooling off, while waiting for Natalie to sing:

Mike went down with her, and took this pic:

I took video of her from across the stadium, and when she was done, I was crying (almost sobbing) tears of pride and joy. It wasn't just b/c she was on the field singing, it was b/c my timid girl AUDITIONED in front of her whole class, and sang in front of an entire stadium. A year ago, she was too nervous to do this. This year, she nailed it with confidence. I'm so proud of her!

After it was all over, was crashed at home under the fan!

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