Friday, April 5, 2013

More phone pictures

This was the first day this spring that it was actually warm enough to roll down the car windows while we waited for Natalie to get out of school. Lexi was delighted and waived at all the parents walking by our car.

Oh, and she insists she needs to sit on my lap to "drive" while we wait most days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to fit both her and my tummy on my lap!

Quiet conversations with her Rudy Roo.

Then we were back to cold weather and lots of snow for a couple weeks. She thinks it's hilarious to wear these sunglasses upside down. It drives Natalie nuts!

Lots of snow means long hours for Mike at the airport. When he finally gets home, they can't get enough of him! (those are her legs on his shoulders.LOL)

Love this!

Natalie had an odd fever for a couple of days during the first part of her spring break. For a while, she struggled to walk without feeling faint. Daddy carried her to bed that night:

The next morning, Lexi was concerned, and was making faces to try and get Natalie to smile. LOL! Poor Natalie just wanted to watch her cartoons in peace.

It was great to see this smiling face again!!

So Natalie's spring break was quite the bust this year. She was sick for the first several days, we had snow, then more cold weather. (last year it was hot, we were in shorts, and out doing something fun everyday) Mike suggested we take them to this buffet/arcade place nearby. It's an "arcade" to the extreme. All the fun games you'd expect, plus putt-putt, bowling, bumper cars, go carts, and laser tag. It's not cheap but the girls had a blast!

Driving by herself:

Lexi's favorite ride:

...and no trip would be complete without the "I don't want to go home!!" tantrum! ;)

Mike and I went out that Friday night and brought back dessert for our kiddos and sitters:

The rest of our spring break consisted of:
Puppet shows:

LOTS of snow!!! (which they got an extra day off of school after 14 inches fell here)

and more cold weather. This is how we roll to school most mornings:

We are back to our normal routine now...and regular sillies after school:

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