Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

My parents came to visit us for Easter this year! It was the first time they've been here since the beginning of January. (Before Mom's surgery) It was great to have them, and Mom is doing awesome walking with her cane or walker!

Easter morning. These twerps woke us up at 6:45!! We made them stay upstairs until 7:45 so they wouldn't wake my parents. Finally, they were released to go see what the Easter bunny brought them:

The goods!

Lexi was so excited about all of her stuff. It was hilarious b/c she took each item out and ran to show her MawMaw and PawPaw (passing Mike and I in the process!) LOL! She had to make sure they saw everything she got!

Natalie got a movie she had wanted for weeks now. She thought she *might* get it for her birthday, but this was even better!

Egg hunting:

This sweet girl left all the easy-to-find eggs for her sister to get. We didn't even have to ask her!

Happy Lexi:

So ANY time we happen to be dressed nice, and have company to snap a few family photos, we take a lot. (This opportunity only happens a couple times a year) Thanks to Mom for taking these, and to Dad for getting the girls to smile!

After church we took a few more (a meltdown prior to church prevented any more pictures at that time!)

Love these girls!

MawMaw and PawPaw got to sit in for a couple of snapshots too. I love how Lexi has her hands perfectly still in her lap. (she tends to be on her best behavior when my dad is around! LOL!)

A picture that includes my growing tummy. 26 weeks here:

Doing what we do best:


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