Saturday, April 6, 2013

Changes coming our way!

I was just going to take a moment and write an update, instead of just posting pictures. It looks like we will be having some major changes around here soon.

The obvious one is our baby this summer! I am working on lists of what we still need, and what needs to get done before her arrival. Nothing too stressful, I just need to get crackin' on those lists and crossing things off. Our baby is healthy and growing well! My tummy is getting huge, and she is even starting to wake me in the middle of the night with her hard kicks. Mike and I can watch her acrobatics in the evenings, and see her body parts slide around inside my tummy. So bizarre and fascinating!! I am one of those women who LOVE being pregnant. There are things I don't like or enjoy, and of course some discomforts along the way...but I refuse to complain or buy-in to our society's common practice of seeing pregnancy as "something to be endured." Children are a blessing of the highest degree, and I am so grateful for every backache, disrupted moments of sleep, and my 6-year-old telling me I'm huge. (thanks, dear. LOL) I cannot wait to hold, snuggle, and nurse this newest little one. My cup overflows.

Natalie and I both went in for eye exams lately. Natalie's was routine, and her doctor is so pleased with how well her eyes have improved. She will always have to have a corrective lens on one eye, but at least now she is seeing well out of that eye. (She only had 10% of her vision in that eye 18 months ago, now it is 50% like it should be) I went in for an eye exam because my eye sight has taken a nose-dive during this pregnancy. I started to get headaches if I had to drive longer than 30 minutes, watched a movie, or read for a while. My old Rx glasses weren't helping much. So I ordered glasses for Natalie and myself. I also discovered that I need children's frames b/c my face is small. (which explains why my current glasses look HUGE on me!) ANYWAY, it was quite amusing, trying to find frames for myself that weren't rainbow, hot pink, or some other obnoxious color. LOL. Natalie thinks its hilarious that my eyes aren't much wider than hers.

Another change going on here is Mike! He has been losing (a lot) of weight and getting healthy. It started when his pushy wife forced him to go to the doctor. Lots of discussion, a couple blood tests, and then Mike had the knowledge he needed, to know how to lose the weight. He also learned why he wasn't making progress before with just cutting calories. In the past 6 weeks, he has lost 17lbs! I am so proud of him!

Perhaps the biggest change coming our way, is that Natalie will more-than-likely be changing schools. We spend a lot of time commuting each day. Lexi and I are usually in the car for over 90 minutes so Natalie can attend this amazing school. It has not been easy. Lexi still HATES this (and lets me know it!) I started to get  concerned about commuting with a newborn as well. A thought I "shelved" to worry about later. Last week, her school announced that is is opening another elementary campus. This new school is located 4 minutes from our house. Actually, from our parking pad to their parking lot, it is 4 minutes, 10 seconds away. We have not finalized our decision yet, as we have many questions and want to make sure this is what's best for Natalie as well. But right now, I am seeing this as a huge blessing. God has not allowed for our home to sell, (so we could move closer to Natalie's school) but it seems He is bringing us a wonderful school minutes away instead. Telling Natalie about this potential change worried me, but her reaction shocked me. Our timid girl is EXCITED about this! I am sure there will be several other students she knows transfer as well, as there are many students from our zip code that make this commute daily.

Another change going on is that, as Mom has been healing from her ankle surgery, (yay for Mom!!) I have been spending more of my weekends here at home again. Which means I have been able to play with our church band on a regular basis. Our church hit a record attendance recently of over 1500 people in one weekend! We also had 45 baptisms that same weekend. It is a joy and privilege to be a part of a church where God is moving! Plus, it is so fun for me to be involved with the band. I no longer feel nervous, and I have to admit how refreshing it is to spend time with other adults, away from my children for awhile. This summer will mark 20 years since I started playing piano. TWENTY YEARS!! I think one of my bigger regrets is that I shelved my talent for many years when I became a mother. I feel like I've lost so much of my skill because of it. Please don't misunderstand, I don't regret any details surrounding having children. I just regret that I lost part of myself for awhile. (so easy to do when you become a mother!!) Playing in church forces me to practice. Something that cannot be put off for later, any longer. I need that drive, that level of commitment. I enjoy it, and playing is part of who I am.

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