Friday, March 8, 2013

More phone pictures

Playing "Go Fish" with Nani:

Natalie's class had a field trip last week. Mike took off work so he could take her and spend the day with her. They had a blast together:

We visited my parents last weekend. When I went to check on the girls (before I went to bed) Natalie was sound asleep like this. Snoring:

Lexi watching her favorite show:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! She calls it "Mickuh!"

My absolute favorite time when I visit my parents is having coffee together in their sun room after we all wake up. Usually the girls are around eating breakfast or snuggling up with us. It's so peaceful. Lexi was giggling at PawPaw here:

My 1st cousin is getting married in August. We attended a bridal shower on Sunday before we headed back home. Natalie enjoyed a few of the props for a shower game:

Lexi didn't get it at first until she saw this picture. Then she thought it was hilarious!

Lexi napped on the way home:

Really napped. (If I slept like that I wouldn't be able to move my neck for three days...)

Coloring Mickuh:

See that focus?

Waiting to pick up Natalie again. She usually likes to sit in my lap and pretend she's driving. Sometimes a person (also waiting to pick up their kid) in a neighboring parked car will wave to her. She will then talk their ear off and do anything to keep their attention.

A rare trip to McDonald's for us. Every month, one of the local restaurants will donate 20% of their sales between 4-8pm to Natalie's school. So we go and support them. Natalie doesn't mind one bit! As we walked to the door, a group of girls from Natalie's class spotted her, and we waiting for her when we walked in, shouting, hugging, and giggling. So funny. I love watching her with her friends. Most of them had already had dinner, but sat at our table anyway to visit.

This is Lexi laughing b/c she is refusing to go potty on the pot. She thinks its absolutely hysterical to NOT go on the pot, especially when I'm asking her to. I have tried many things, including bribery. But just like anything else in Lexi's world, it has to be Lexi's idea. Twerp! MOMMYISTIREDOFCHANGINGYOURDIAPERS!!

I even distract her with magazines, my cell phone pictures, and even let her take pictures!

That was all from yesterday. This morning, Lexi woke up very tearful and just wanted to be held. Her appetite the past 3 days has not been great and she hasn't slept as well as usual. I knew something was up, but just waiting for the symptoms to arrive. When we got back from dropping off Natalie this morning, she was laying on the sofa watching cartoons when she started vomiting everywhere. **thankthegoodLordformicrofiber!*
After the cleanup, I explained what happened, and she was feeling much more calm. Then she smiled and pretended to wretch, sounds and movements included. I handed her a bucket and told her to throw up in that if she needed to again. She wore it on her head. Two-year-olds are a mess when they have the stomach flu! So I covered everything in blankets and towels. Maybe my sofa cushions won't have to be washed again today. Poor babe.

Hopefully by now the worst is past. She's been better since then and napping well for the past 2 hours. Although we have to go pick up Natalie from school soon, and you know my theory about kids in car seats...

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