Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lexi turns TWO!!

A few days before Lexi's birthday, my parents came to celebrate:

Trying to get a two-year-old to blow out (not spit on) the candles was not easy!

I loves these next few pictures. She was teasing my mom and laughing so hard about it:

Opening gifts! Elmo is perfection to her right now:

I love how she is sitting here! So funny!

Listening to PawPaw read:

Right before bed, she starting spinning and spinning. We were concerned about all that cake in her tummy!

Waking up MawMaw the next morning:

On her actual birthday, Mike was working, but I carried on our tradition of waking her up with balloons and a candle:

Breakfast in Monnie and Daddy's bed together:

Love this!

I tried to spend some time capturing her personality. Hilarious!

Taking pictures outside with sister:

When Nani and Pop arrived, she was SO excited. I love this expression.

Quick family picture that I LOVE! Thank you Brad!!

Aunt Abbey and Uncle Brad:

Opening gifts:

Sweet profile:

Natalie had wanted this toy from the store SO badly a week prior to this. I told her no, and she quietly cried and cried. That is NOT like her to do that about a silly toy, but I also know how much she loves Rudolph. That old clay-mation cartoon is her favorite. So I surprised her on Lexi's birthday with exactly what she wanted.

Lexi taking her new baby for a spin!

Big girl:

Later that evening, she received gifts from Monnie and Daddy as well.

So focused! ;)

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