Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family time

This was during the week of Thanksgiving. Mike's grandparents came to town to visit. Somehow after dinner, Natalie convinced everyone to play Twister. The grandparents claimed the job of spinners:

Here is Natalie twisting. I cropped a lot of grownups out of this unflattering picture. You're welcome! ;)

Lexi apparently enjoyed her dinner that evening.

Before bedtime, playing with Grandma and Grandpa:


Goodnight hugs and kisses:

A different evening, visiting Mike's parents:

Lexi inspecting the contents of Nani's phone:

Natalie didn't even realize she was making Rudy look funny. I showed this picture to her later and got a great laugh out of her:

Lexi loves this jack-in-the-box toy!

This was after Natalie got home from school one day. Lexi will hug and hug on her.

I think this is still around Thanksgiving-time. We traveled to my parents house. This is early-morning on their deck.

Lexi trying to get someone's attention from outside:

I had no idea this hat even existed anymore, but it went with one of my old Halloween costumes when I was a kid.

My mom's side of the family playing outside. It was SO mild that day:

Lexi being sweet to her 1st cousin, Evan:

Natalie, Lexi, and Chase:

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