Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Time after Christmas

The next morning, we all slept in and had a lazy start. It was awesome.
PawPaw and Lexi:

We exchanged some more gifts. That's my Aunt Patti (next to Spencer) in the background. You'll see more of her later in this post! ;)

Lexi making some important calls on her Elmo phone:

We thought she was just talking to Rudy here. We later found out she had shoved her toothbrush in his kennel...which he made quick work of chewing to shreds.

Our dinning accommodations that evening, thanks to Mom and her hard work in the kitchen!

Every time we're with my parents, Lexi (my stubborn and independent 2-year-old) has MawMaw do the nighttime routine with her. Instead of just sitting on her lap and drinking her own milk, my mom has to hold the cup for her. Lexi will drag out going to bed by snuggling with Mom for as long as possible.

Look at this!

That night, after the kids were in bed, we continued with our spoons tradition. Last person standing with all fingers intact wins! This game is brutal.

This picture shows off my Aunt Patti's aggressive spoons technique. Take notes. Don't let her little size fool you, she was bossing everyone around and trash talking that night. :))

This is Cory's girlfriend, Katie. We like her a lot. She can hold her own in spoons too!

The other hilarious memory from that night was that Mike wore his new "ask me about my t-rex" t-shirt. Apparently Aunt Patti thought this was some kind of vulgar reference. She didn't want to ask...I was dying of laughter when I discovered her relief it was just a creative shirt (with an actual t-rex)

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