Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

(I am discovering a new way to upload pictures, so hang with me)
The weekend before Christmas, Natalie makes sugar cookies with MawMaw:

Lexi watches closely:

Fun mess:

Christmas morning. The goods from Santa:

Natalie gets a new "skinny" scooter:

Lexi gets a trampoline. JUST what this rough-n-tumble girl needed!

Natalie opening:

Her ornament for 2012-Phineas and Ferb:


Our girls in front of the tree:

One of Mike's gifts from me:

Lexi trying out her new lipstick:

A horribly unflattering picture of me...but proof that I was THERE! :)

After our morning together, we got dressed (those of us who weren't...ahem) and headed over to Mike's parents house. We spent the rest of the day there. Lexi found some M&M's...I was concerned we'd never get to opening presents after this!

Sweet Natalie...anxious to get started!

A "BIG" piano!!

Lexi enjoying her new toy smart phone:

Having fun together (I believe she was trying to steal my new scarf!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her natural (unforced) is contagious!

Hugging her new Nala:

Pop is a fan of Hickery Farms ;)

Nani and Lexi:

There is just no way I can describe this without it sounding...wrong. Sticky balls stuck to ceiling. Giggling followed. See?!

Later that evening, with snow in the forecast, Mike stayed home (in case he had to go to work) while I headed to my parents with the girls. Normally, we would have stayed with Mike until we could all travel together, but Cory was in town and leaving in a couple days. We wanted to make sure we got to spend time with him. So Christmas evening (arriving after the girls bedtime) we went ahead and opened gifts. Here, Natalie is opening her gift from Uncle Cory. He bought her a He-Man t-shirt...b/c she LOVES He-Man and She-Ra. (watches all the episodes on Netflix)

When Lexi isn't running around, you can find her on MawMaw's lap! She ignored most of the gifts she needed to open:

Our gift opening crew (minus my parents, myself, and girls)

Lexi sat up here and had a blast playing with her sisters new microphone toy.

After the gifts were done, my aunt and her family joined us, and then we all crashed.

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