Monday, February 25, 2013

Big girl bed!

So we have a baby on the way. We don't want to buy another crib. Lexi has been bumped to the toddler bed. She loves it. LOVES it!! However, we were well aware of what to expect with her shenanigans.

(Natalie was the easiest transition ever! We told her to stay in bed. She got out once. We reminded her firmly. That was the last time we had to say anything. I am not even kidding) We KNEW Lexi would be different and OH boy, was she! It has taken 2-3 weeks of consistent reminders and putting her back to bed. She is now doing great and we are all sleeping well again. I'm glad it's over with.

Here are some pictures of her, right before her first night in the big bed:

Precious little lamb. I love her SO much!

This next picture probably sums up what the next two weeks were like... ;)

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