Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Farm Day!

This is from our annual trip to the farm on one of the weekends in October that they have lots of kid-friendly things to do. (yes. I said October. I am behind in blogging. Unmotivated by the amt I need to do to get caught up. It's starting to sound a lot like my laundry story...ahem)

Natalie loves this thing. It's $2 for 5-10 minutes of sliding. Total rip off, but it wears her out. I look at it as a good night's sleep investment. ;)

If only this picture wasn't blurred, it'd be going on our Christmas card. She can be seriously cute.

Daddy and his girls:

Monnie trying to not look like she's restraining the little one:

The hay ride was better than ever this year. Lexi loved EVERY moment, and was so easy to entertain. She sat still the whole time. I enjoyed her excitement.

Precious Natalie. Having fun.

A favorite of mine:

Once we got off the hayride, it got really chilly. We let the kids play on the cars for just a bit before we left.

Here is Daddy about to get run over:

She loved this and threw a tantrum when we pried her out of the car.

On our way out, a sweet old farm dog found us.

I love the connection kids seem to have with animals. So tender and loving:

Natalie wanted to take him home with us.

We had Natalie take our picture with the fall stuff. This one turned out pretty good, but there were several outtakes.

Like this! Ha!

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