Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our dog is dumb

This fuzzy-faced-knucklehead also (apparently) has a death wish too:

A couple weeks ago, Mike and I assumed one of us had let Rudy out in the backyard. So thinking he was outside frolicking in the falling leaves and chewing on twigs, we didn't know what he was really up to. Our dog had been a busy-little-bee, sneaking upstairs when we weren't paying attention. When I went upstairs to get the girls clothes for bath time, this is what I found him chewing on:

Do you see that?? Yeah. He was chewing a nice extension cord to shreds! An extension cord that carries a whollup of power, not-to-mention it's known to the state of California to cause cancer. (what is with that anyway!?) His saving grace? It wasn't plugged in. Lucky dog. **and truly, I'm thankful he wasn't hurt--we would have felt awful, since it was our fault we didn't know where he was**

The next day, he is chewing on something in the backyard. As I pry it from his teeth, I realize it's what's remaining of the grill brush. He went underneath the grill cover and dug it out. What he ingested was the steel wool portion of it. Let's think about that for a second. Seriously. He ate steel wool. **I'm filtering out bad language now** After consulting a vet and feeding him a ton of bread, he is fine. This was over a week ago, so I'm sure everything has passed. Although that next evening after ingesting it, listening to the gurgling noises in his stomach about made me sick.

Now we move on to his latest project. Digging. Rudy has always been a digger. Our back yard is a gold mine to him. As the house is over 100 years old, you could dig anywhere in our yard and find treasure. So far, we have found: GI joe figures, cans, a scarf, fireworks, bottle caps, straws, bricks, cups, cassette tape, etc. A dogs paradise. He has several holes currently dug up. One impressive one, *insert irritated sarcasm* of 2 foot diameter, and about 18" deep. We have tried to re-fill it, he digs it up again.

So imagine my surprise when I discover his latest dig site. Our concrete porch. This dog has started digging up concrete.

I have no words. None that won't get filtered. I guess if anyone needs a jack-hammer and would like to save money, they can borrow our dog. When you try to return him, don't be surprised if we're not home... ;)

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