Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here are a few of my favorite things....

Playing with Lexi on the way home from church. Getting her to laugh so hard she snorts:

Absolute delight!

Seeing my girls walk hand-in-hand:

Family time together:

Playing in the band at church (far right on keys):

Time with friends:

Lexi chewing on Perry:

Her obsession with looking out the window:

Natalie showing off her snow boots that still fit this season:

Discovering a phone thief in hiding:

Natalie came home with a fever, and Lexi sat next to her patting her back:

The leaves starting to turn:

Lost car keys found in hilarious location:

Coming home from dropping Natalie off at school and finding my amazing husband snuggling with our daughter:

Family pictures that turned out well. This is a preview:

Making jewelry. My newest interest:

You can find me on facebook. I mainly make pendants and key-chains by hand stamping metals:

Finding an old wedding photo:

Watching this little squirt sit in a basket (only she could fit in) while watching seasame street:

The trees around here...this was taken with my phone, and is completely unedited. Amazing bursts of color!!

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