Friday, September 21, 2012

More shenanigans


Lexi's new interest is the dog kennel. She loves to drag toys in there and go sit. I love how Rudy is looking at her:

A sick day at home. Both girls had fever, and Lexi is now a pro at getting her temp taken under the arm. Apparently she's ready to use the thermometer too. I hope the temp of my collar bone is ok...

My love:

More kennel time.

It's amazing how time (and additional children) changes you as a mother. When Natalie was a baby, I would discourage her from playing in the kennel, and then go wash those little hands right away to get all the dog germs off. Just the thought of dog hair on her clothes made me cringe. (Don't judge me! I didn't grow up around animals. I have a love/hate relationship with dog hair) Anyway, now Lexi crawls in and I'm just thankful it's quiet and she's occupied with something other than climbing. And really. She'll be taking a bath that evening anyway...

It also helps that she's so stinking cute.

Speaking of stinking, Lexi now laughs when she (or anyone for that matter) toots. Daddy is proud of her.

...and for her latest trick, bubbles!!!

Mike texted me that picture and said she was just watching TV, and he sat and watch the bubbles get bigger and bigger. He was impressed and needed a picture of that. *sigh* Daddy's! :)

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