Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Time

Our cousin got married last weekend and gave us a wonderful excuse to all get together. Cory flew in with his girlfriend (Katie) and we enjoyed our time together. Natalie had missed him SO much, and was anxious to watch He-Man with him once she discovered he loved that show as a kid as well. So watch He-Man, they did:

Katie is in the middle. Lexi warmed right up to her, and was delighted to see MawMaw and PawPaw as well when they came to our house to pick up Cory and Katie. Natalie was NOT happy to see MawMaw and PawPaw that day. (which was a first) She was very upset they were coming to take her beloved Uncle Cory away. As you can tell by Cory's expression, they are still watching He-Man here:

The next day after Natalie finished school, we drove straight to my parents house where they were reunited, watching more He-Man together:

We had a family dinner that night. MawMaw held Evan, and protected him from any of Lexi's unintentional roughness. :)

I love this picture. My loves. Home.

It's too bad MawMaw doesn't enjoy her grandchildren any...

Natalie asked to hold Evan. I don't know how many 6-year-olds I would feel comfortable allowing this with, but I know Natalie. Her gentle nature and consistency for following instructions make her a wonderful baby-holder. :) She did great!

The next morning, we sat out on the deck as the weather was beautiful!! We were about to eat breakfast, then load up and drive (3 hours) to the hotel near the wedding venue. But we were soaking in the moments, and I captured this sweet picture of Lexi and Daddy:

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