Thursday, September 13, 2012


Lexi has been testing my reflexes lately. She will climb on anything, and is so strong, nothing seems too difficult for her. Every day, I turn around and she's on something new!
On Natalie's toy box so she can reach the flowers on the lamp;

On the back of the sofa. She had reached up onto the shelf and grabbed one of my cherubs. I took it away and then took this picture:

The embarrassingly messy storage space in our sun room. She decided she wanted her shoes on, and just helped herself:

As of yesterday, this is her newest feat. I turned around to tell her something, and I see her on this!! These chairs are COUNTER height. Which means they are very tall. I was looking for Rudy, thinking he gave her a boost. I pulled her off and took video of her doing it again. She amazes me.

Hard to get frustrated at this sweet little face.

By the time Mike woke up, she had crawled ONTO the table before I grabbed her. I won't be getting much done around here now...

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