Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday bowling for Pop!

This was a few weeks ago, we celebrated Pop's birthday a bit early on the weekend. It was Lexi's first time, so there are (naturally) quite a few pictures of her.

First attempt:


Natalie did pretty well, but she said she likes Wii bowling better! Ha!

Old pro at this by now:

Her excitement was infectious. Oh, and that horrible bruise on her forehead was from a collision with the headboard/bookshelf on Natalie's bed. She lunged away from me (being ornery b/c I wanted to change her diaper) and smacked her little head right on the edge of it. Her bruise was identical to the one Natalie had right after we bought the furniture. (Natalie was jumping on her bed and fell on it)

I love the way she's standing here:

Abbey chased her around quite a bit:

Posing with my baby:

I am not good at bowling while holding a toddler on my hip:

Back at the house for cake:

Attempting to get her to blow out the candle:

Reading the card together:




Natalie showing off Pop's squishy new slippers:

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