Monday, August 13, 2012

VBS sports camp!

Several weeks ago our church had their VBS sports camp. It's 4 mornings of sports, worship, bible lessons, memory verse, snacks, and fun. I was blessed to be a part of it this year. They asked for help, as they had to close registration early with over 430 campers signed up. Mike and I both got involved. Mike was amazing, working the entire night before, and then instead of crashing at home like usual, he came to church with me and volunteered with these kids. He was energized and smiling too when I saw him! :)

The theme this year was "zapped" which was a running joke with the huddle coaches (group leaders) as that's how we all felt after each morning. LOL!

Mike was with the 4-5th grade taekwondo. I was assigned to kindergarten cheerleading. I was then notified that my co-leader backed out and I was on my own with 23 five-year-old girls. Oh dear. :) I did have a high school helper that was there some of the time, and she was a tremendous help! Here are ALL the cheerleaders learning a new cheer:

The campers and leaders (in yellow)

Natalie was originally signed up to be in soccer. However, on the first day when I dropped her off at her area and she saw me across the gym with the other girls, it really upset her. She came over crying and wanted to be with me. I was surprised (lately she's been miss independent) but I didn't push the issue, and she got to stick with me. It was fun to be together, but I still think she would have enjoyed soccer better.

Some local "real" cheerleaders came over and the girls got to fly. Most of them stood up and put their arms in a "high V" (see how much cheerleading lingo I learned?!?) Natalie wasn't having it. LOL. I was cracking up taking these pictures.

Sports camp was a HUGE success.

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