Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer 2012

So far our summer has consisted of:
curly hair:

back yard cookouts:

dentist visit:

trips to lowes:

dog pile:

first tooth fairy visit:

Monnie's birthday:

sleeping in:

mid day naps on the sofa:

birthday party with friends:

tents under the kitchen table:

weight lifting window watching:

 wearing shades:

library trips:

wading pool nerves:

can you see Natalie? (she practically glows in the sunlight :)

pool time:


Jumping to Aunt Abbey:

(love that look!)

drying off:

fuzzy snuggles:

cheap entertainment:

dining outside with family:


brutal hot days:

a perfect play area of Miss Nosy:

Magic house fun:

cool drinks after 8pm:

filling big shoes:

learning Daddy's bad habits:

snuggles with MawMaw:

games with PawPaw:


bridal shower fun with family & friends:

indoor hunting with nerf guns:

her first official cards hat (and another missing tooth!)

monkey climbing:

Sister love:

...and summer is only half over! Whew!

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