Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road trip with my favorite person!

Mike convinced me to join him this past weekend at an aviation expo our Alma Mater was hosting. I was looking forward to the road trip with my buddy, but NOT the aviation expo. Aviation is not my thing, but since it's Mike's thing, I was happy to make a day of it. :)
Before we left:

Mike is trying to ignore me taking pictures of him...what futile effort! He learned long ago I will not be ignored. ;)


THIS is the actual geographical location of where we had our first date (almost 10 years ago!)  It USED to be a quaint little burger drive in. Since then, it's been bulldozed and moved down the road.

This is also where Mike lived/managed while getting his masters degree. It too, has since been bulldozed. Good riddance! The place was nasty and had mold issues. The parking lot is all that's left. I felt it necessary to point out where we used to park. *We're reminiscing here people!!*

Finally for a change of pace, here is where I used to live, and it has NOT been torn down. Whew! It was a little studio apt. TINY, but home.

We did get to meet up with Dave, my good friend from the college days!

Mike and I had some time to kill before we went to the airport, so we walked around campus. We ended up in our old hall, where we met. This is Mike in front of his old room. He was the RA of the floor we lived on.

I lived right across the hall.

Finally, we headed out to the airport. This is where Mike spent so much of his time during college.

We ran into his old flight team coach, Toru.

Mike thought this plane was cool. I took his picture next to it, and he endured my muttering about the artwork he was standing next to.


This was the flight simulator that Mike did a lot of his training on. It's now a dinosaur and no one uses it anymore. The displayed this relic next to the new motion flight simulators they have.

Enjoying our day together:

After a couple hours at the airport, we were getting ready to leave, and then they mention a reception they were hosting for the alumni in 5 minutes. Mike asked if I was ok with going. I was tired, sweating, and already dreaming of the a/c in the car. I grumbled OK...but I knew where this was heading. See, if you've ever talked to any person who is passionate about aviation, you know they can talk your damn ear off. So imagine a whole ROOM full of them. I mentioned something about sitting in the back so we could leave at any time. HA! Next thing I know, each person is to stand up, introduce themselves, their degree, the year of graduation, what they've been doing since graduation, and their current job. I believe I was glaring daggers at Mike, and he was smirking at me. Then the dean of the college spoke, the alumni relations lady spoke, dean again, then after people started questions, we left.

Other than that minor snafu, the day together was wonderful! Something we can definitely do every 7 years. Heh. ;)


Kathleen @ The Midwest Momma said...

aw what a trooper you are :) PS fantastic photos of you!!! **cough cough, ahem, MUD RUN, cough***

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness did some of those pictures bring back memories :) Ellis hall :-)