Friday, May 18, 2012

Natalie Day is 6!

The weekend before her birthday, we visited my parents. I thought it was hilarious watching Lexi inch closer and closer to Natalie as she was unwrapping gifts:

Apparently this was a good one!

Remember when Natalie was mistreated unhappy because we wouldn't take her on the carriage ride? My parents were out to remedy this . They gave her enough money to pay for her own carriage ride!

We met Doug, Maggie, and Chase for some ice cream:

Natalie loved it!

 Lexi let Uncle Doug feed her ice cream. She made face at the cold every time! LOL:

1st Cousins:

Apparently ice cream is the way to her heart:

To be honest, I don't know when this was taken, but it was in my camera, and pretty cute.

These two are buds:

Until that fuzzy-faced monster does something as atrocious as lick her arm. The gall!

Okay, so back to Natalie and her big day! The rest of these pictures are on her actual birthday. We woke up early (since her birthday was on a school day) to follow our tradition of waking her with a balloon, birthday song, and blueberry muffin complete with a candle to blow out. Then we had breakfast in bed, our annual tradition together.

On the way to school! She was excited!

I hung around to serve a birthday snack to all the kids. After cleanup, I snapped a picture her class as I was leaving.

We were undecided for a long time if we would be having a party for Natalie. We wanted to, but also wanted to keep it simple. We opted for a party at the park on her actual birthday, right after school. We requested no gifts and prayed for good weather! Boy, did God deliver! It was 76, sunny, and breezy. PERFECT!

Natalie (in pink) with some of her buddies:

Mike's parents joined us, and we are so grateful for their extra helping hands. I had many comments from other parents regarding Lexi's happy disposition. LOL! It's all because Nani and Pop were there, catering to her every need. If they weren't there (and she had to do what we were doing) I'm sure the whole park would have heard about it! So thank you Nani and Pop for entertaining our sweet n' saucy little 1-year-old so we could focus on Natalie's big day!

Snack time!

(and of course, Lexi doesn't miss snack time either! LOL)

We played 2 games...and we stuck to the classics! This one was pin the tail on the donkey. Mike is giving instructions:

This is us (after it was over) deciding the winners:

The second game we played was hot potato! They loved this one!

I just thought this was cute of Lexi standing on the bench
(Oh, and Pop took most of these pictures for us! How awesome is that?!! Thank you Pop!)

Our 6-year-old with her birthday crown:

Nani and her girls:

Is this not adorable?! Love it!


Natalie's best buddy Avery (sitting back-to-back with her) came to the party. They know each other through church. Avery's siblings are on the ends of this teeter-totter. Later that night, I asked Natalie what her favorite moment of the day was. She replied, "when I was at the park, and saw my Avery walking down the hill, coming to my party!!" She loves her dearly:

After a dinner from Olive Garden (Natalie picked where she wanted to eat, and I must say I wholeheartedly agreed with her choice!) we got down to presents! There is a story behind this card from Monnie and Daddy oh-so-well decorated, if I-do-say-so-myself. Basically, Daddy and I were trying to out-do one another artistically when the other one wasn't around. We went back and forth on this for quite awhile. It was like an ongoing match of art skills. Which we completely rock at...obviously!

Opening gifts:

This is the leftover cookie from her party. I wasn't going to make ANOTHER cake after the treats she already had that day. In fact, we were all so stuffed from dinner, none of us wanted dessert. But we had to at least sing to her again and let her blow out her candles again.

Happy birthday sweet girl. You have brought immeasurable joy to our lives all these years, and we are always so proud of you! We love you, love you!

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