Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Mike let me sleep in a bit when the girls got up. I woke up later to breakfast in bed: omelet, cantaloupe, and toast! The funniest part was my two little chicks were in my face, wanting bites of my breakfast! :) We got ready for church, and then I requested a picture me and our girls. Our motto lately is to take a ton of pictures and hope one of them comes out alright! :) So here they are:

After Lexi's nap, we joined Mike's parents around dinner time, and went on a walk around their neighborhood. It has been beautiful weather lately! When we got back, the girls played around in the back of Pop's truck:

Love that smile!

Natalie is flexing her big muscles here, and showing off her ink! :)

It was a low-key, wonderful mother's day! It would have been perfect if I could have been with my mom too, but we'll be together soon. ;) Love you Mom!

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