Friday, May 18, 2012

Another party for Natalie

We celebrated with Mike's side of the family last Saturday! Doll clothes, and a Cinderella doll were exciting gifts!

Lexi Winter:

One of the gifts we bought Natalie was a rainbow maker. If you have kids that like rainbows, I highly recommend it! It's a solar powered crystal that spins in the sunlight, creating little rainbows that move all over the room. The girls love it!

I finally made that birthday girl a cake!

Love this picture!

We went outside for family pictures at my suggestion. It was really my sneaky agenda to get a picture of Nani with the girls, so I could frame it for her for mother's day. But we ended up with a decent family photo in the process too!

Lexi's expression is priceless!

The girls with Uncle Brad and Aunt Abbey:

I can't believe she's SIX! Love this tender-hearted girl. She's a gem!

Lexi and Nani:

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