Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're here again, the sick house.

Please keep our little Lexi in your prayers. She has MRSA. So far, things seem to be slightly improving. I'm just a worry wart, and nervous about it being difficult to treat (shush, you've heard the horror stories too!) and spreading to the rest of us. I would also highly recommend you don't google pictures of MRSA. You might loose your lunch.

Also pray for Natalie. She has pink eye again. Oh yes! Reinfected after being cleared up for 2 weeks. Ugh. Just ugh. Thank you school for that lovely last gift of the year. (She is finishing up her last week there...even after they had graduation. I thought that was lame, but that's just me.) Also Natalie is just worn down as of late. Droopy in the evenings and tearful. I woke up this morning with her in my bed, and vaguely remember her waking me at 1:30AM crying and insisting she just could not get to sleep. (which wasn't true at all-she was out by 7:15) So I guess I invited her in...probably to get her to stop pestering me. LOL, that does sound like me.

Anyway, we have 2 highly contagious illnesses in our home, and I would love some prayers of healing for the girls, and protection for the rest of us.

And while we're praying, we have family on the road today. So lift them up too, please. :)

Danka shein.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

City Gardens

On Memorial Day, it was hot and humid here. I suggested we try the city gardens. I enjoyed the setting: right smack in the middle of downtown with high rises all around. Natalie thought it was great:

(click to watch video)
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They had a couple little wading pools the kids loved:

Lexi, (our fearless one) surprised us all by refusing to have anything to do with the water. We thought she'd be running everywhere. She reminded us of how Natalie used to be around water, very timid and unsure:

While Natalie splashed around,

Mike walked with Lexi.

I couldn't resist, they are adorable together! (click to watch video)
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After being there for quite a while, I tried to just let Lexi stand next to me, close to the fountains. She disagreed: (click to watch video)
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So, my party-pooper and I went to find some shade since she was anti-water on this very hot day!

She's still not amused.

Cold water back in the car, followed up with some ice cream improved her mood quite a bit!

Natalie has asked several times (already) when we can go back! She loved it.

Kindergarten Graduation. Yes, you read that right!

Natalie walking into her graduation ceremony...and yes, they played "Pomp & Circumstance!" It was adorable, and I was tearing up while Mike shook his head at me. LOL!
They were singing (and signing) for us.

Natalie looked SO nervous until she found us. She later told me she was worried we didn't make it. You can see her searching:

THERE she spotted us! I was so grateful for my big bad zoom lens I had with me. It took up a ton of room, but we were a LONG way from the stage!

Natalie getting her certificate!!

I'm so proud of her, and it was just so cute watching them. I enjoyed every minute of the ceremony!

The class of 2024! WOOT!

Walking out:

Flowers from Monnie and Daddy:

(at this point, she was tired, hungry, and not cooperating)

Although she was more than happy to take a picture with her buddy, Gage. She tells me that this is the boy she's going to marry when they grow up. LOL!

Her friend, Kylie:

Role Reversal

Look Monnie! Look at my new cool spot!

Now if only I could get out of here. Just give me a minute...*grunts*

Rudy, I'm starting to see why you hate your kennel so much.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random thoughts & information

I am jogging several times a week after I drop Natalie off at school. By 9am, I'm done with my workout. It's exhausting and invigorating at the same time. The local park is absolutely beautiful. Lexi isn't a big fan of sitting in the stroller, but she's just going to have to deal with it.

I am also shopping at Aldi's. I went for the very first time a couple weeks ago and was stunned at their prices.  I have been getting as much of our groceries there as I can. It's worth the savings. The people there are very nice too, and always chatting with Lexi.

Lexi's eyelashes are so long. Seriously long. Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, part of the ends are crumpled. (she's sleeping on them) I wish I had that problem!

I floss every single day. I also wear a night guard at night b/c apparently I clench (and possibly grind) my teeth at night. I also clench my fists at night too. My hands are often sore in the morning. It took a while to figure it out, my doc even ran a blood test to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. I have no idea why I do's beyond my control. Although during the day, I have no anxiety. None. Hallelujah!

The best thing I ever did for myself was have the sinus surgery last June. It's been almost a year now, and I have never felt better! All my colds (and boy have I had some!) this past winter were a breeze, and none of them turned into an infection. I also didn't have any spring allergy symptoms this year other than itchy eyes.

Natalie's kind heart amazes me each day. Just this morning, Lexi had been fussing while I was driving Natalie to school b/c the sun was in her eyes. I look back and Natalie is holding a blanket up (that she took off of herself) to shield Lexi's eyes from the sun. Natalie says, "Monnie, are we going to turn anytime soon?? I'm trying to save the day here, but my arms are getting tired!" LOL. I love her!

Natalie has had quite a rough week. She had cold symptoms on and off last weekend. By Tuesday morning, she woke up with pink eye in her left eye. To the pediatrician's office we went. Wednesday morning she had fever and severe pain in her right ear. Back to the pediatrician's office, and she had an ear infection. We started her on meds, and by last night the pink eye had spread to her right eye, and then she started breaking out in hives. We are guessing she is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. So her doc took her off of those, and she will start something new this afternoon. Hopefully she will catch a break soon!

I just auditioned yesterday afternoon to play keyboard with the church band. Starting in June, I will be playing about once a month for church. Yay! That's in front of a combined group of 1200-1500 people! Eeek! ;)

Mother's Day

Mike let me sleep in a bit when the girls got up. I woke up later to breakfast in bed: omelet, cantaloupe, and toast! The funniest part was my two little chicks were in my face, wanting bites of my breakfast! :) We got ready for church, and then I requested a picture me and our girls. Our motto lately is to take a ton of pictures and hope one of them comes out alright! :) So here they are:

After Lexi's nap, we joined Mike's parents around dinner time, and went on a walk around their neighborhood. It has been beautiful weather lately! When we got back, the girls played around in the back of Pop's truck:

Love that smile!

Natalie is flexing her big muscles here, and showing off her ink! :)

It was a low-key, wonderful mother's day! It would have been perfect if I could have been with my mom too, but we'll be together soon. ;) Love you Mom!

Too big for naps!

I won't take a nap Monnie! I'll sit up here and play in my crib instead, and then fuss at you for putting me here. I'll play some more, and fuss, then play. I'll bounce around, I have all this energy, I don't need a nap! Not tired! Not tired at all! Oh hi Monnie! Where are we going? To pick up Natalie already? Good! I'm done being in this boring crib. I'm too big for naps! This car ride is nice. Lots to look at, soothing scenery, I'm glad we agree I don't need a nap.

Nah nah nah nah boo boo

The post in which I oh-so-maturely announce the latest MPG I'm getting in the car:


Another party for Natalie

We celebrated with Mike's side of the family last Saturday! Doll clothes, and a Cinderella doll were exciting gifts!

Lexi Winter:

One of the gifts we bought Natalie was a rainbow maker. If you have kids that like rainbows, I highly recommend it! It's a solar powered crystal that spins in the sunlight, creating little rainbows that move all over the room. The girls love it!

I finally made that birthday girl a cake!

Love this picture!

We went outside for family pictures at my suggestion. It was really my sneaky agenda to get a picture of Nani with the girls, so I could frame it for her for mother's day. But we ended up with a decent family photo in the process too!

Lexi's expression is priceless!

The girls with Uncle Brad and Aunt Abbey:

I can't believe she's SIX! Love this tender-hearted girl. She's a gem!

Lexi and Nani: