Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The rest of our spring break

We went to the zoo, and Jonathan joined us for the day!

I love this stroller, and have used it a LOT since Lexi was born, but putting 3 kids in it was testing my strength! I think these cuties had bricks in their pockets...

We stopped at a bug station...and they had this lovely little millipede out for people to touch. None of us did. *shudder*

It was a unusually hot day, but we had fun. And by we, I mean mainly the kids had fun. I am not a huge fan of the zoo. Hot days, crowds, smelly animals, and lots walking (big hills at our zoo), heavy strollers, and packing a zillion snacks for kids just doesn't make me want to go to the zoo that often. You know what I DO like though? I love our kids, and love the smiles I see on their sweet faces when we're there. THAT'S what makes it worth it. If I got to ride in a stroller, I think I'd enjoy it even more. :) This was the best way to end our day too--ice cream and smiles:

The kids were exhausted. I let Jonathan lay down in Natalie's room, and when I went to wake him (to take him home) this is what I found:

I mean seriously. This is just about the sweetest little face and pose. I was silently oohing and aahing over him while taking these pictures.

The next day, I packed up and took the girls to visit my parents. They still had to work, but we found lots of things to do. Lexi grabbing at me:

Natalie was tired and wanted to rest. She went to her room there, and shut the door. Lexi wasn't having it. She banged on the door, yelling, "nah nah nah nah nah!!!" It was hilarious.


Playing together:

I took the girls to the capitol building. We just wanted to see the fountains outside, but they weren't on yet. So Natalie got to go inside for the first time. When she looked up, she grabbed me and told me it made her dizzy. :) I know the feeling. It's very pretty though!

So beautiful!


As we were getting ready to leave, someone was unhappy I packed something of hers.

She pulled her pink blanket out and laid on it in the middle of the foyer.

So sweet:

Back home. It's a shame they don't have any toys to play with...

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