Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 1 of Spring Break

Yes, we visited the arch!

Awful self portrait of our family, but you get the idea. WE WERE THERE. AT THE ARCH.

This is one of Mike's favorite quotes that happens to be in the museum under the arch:

A plaque showing the level of the flood waters from 1993:

View from where that plaque is:

Natalie petting a carriage horse:

A picture with my girls, one is pouting b/c we didn't go on a carriage ride. I mean seriously, they even had a Cinderella carriage there. (completely with lights) Natalie was practically drooling, and I instantly became the bad guy b/c we weren't going on a carriage ride we hadn't planned on in the first place! Argh!! Everybody smile and say cheese!

Mike and his Natalie:

I could not get over how beautiful some of the grounds were. Just stunning. Almost makes you forget you are standing smack dab in the middle of the most dangerous city in the United States.

 We came home, inflated the jumpolene, and the girls had a blast. Carriage ride, smarriage ride! Click on this!
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Having SO much fun. This was Lexi's first experience with it. She loved it.

They were so tired, they'd just fall over and laugh. I stood over them smiling while rubbing my hands together; giddy with the thought of how well they were going to sleep that night!!!


When Lexi was done, she just dove out of the opening. So we had to be responsible and catch her:

Love this girl so much!

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