Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goodbye minivan!!

I have discovered in the last year and a half, that I do not enjoy owning a minivan. This is not news to anyone who has talked to me about it. LOL! I love the space (especially with a newborn) but I hated how much fuel we went through. Our van was purchased used and although it had low mileage, it had many, many quirks. Something was always going wrong, and it became costly to maintain. When Natalie started school and I was driving her to and from everyday, not to mention the cost of fuel kept rising, we were paying a LOT of money just for that minivan. A vehicle I had long ago decided I didn't like.

One morning last week it wouldn't start. I told Mike, "I'm done. Let's trade it." He agreed. Bye! We sold it back to the dealer that we bought it from and went hunting for a car I have long had my eye on. Intense searching led us to this:

It's not my favorite color of all the Prius' we looked at, but it was the right-everything-else! Instead of "beige" I'm calling it "champagne." It just sounds nicer. :) The biggest surprise is how roomy it is on the inside! The kids are comfy, and with their car seats, we will be able to squeeze a third one in the back row if need-be in the future. It's fun to drive...really fun, and I get giddy when I know I'm cruising along not using any fuel. It's not new, (we don't buy new!) but it is a 2010, so it's not old either.

Lexi hung with us at the dealership (which I don't recommend having kids with you in a car-buying process, but it took a bit longer than expected) and she was so tired by the time we left. I got home with her, got out of the car, and she was still sound asleep! Sweet babe.

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Kathleen @ The Midwest Momma said...

LOL Did you know I tell Aidan that Priuses (how do you make that plural?!!?) run on bubbles and rainbows...because clearly he loves him a muscle car. It's too funny. Look at you, you treehugger!! Just teasing! Congrats!!! I am jealous of your gas mileage!!