Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2 of Spring Break!

We drove to Meramec Spring, which is something I remember seeing when I was a child. Fond memories. I was anxious to share it with my family. If you are looking for a fun family outing (and you like outdoorsy stuff--I highly recommend this!!)

This is the spring, underneath the overhang here. So beautiful, and usually the water is crystal clear. It only looks inches deep but is much deeper. This day, it was murky b/c of all the rain we had. It was still beautiful, and I'm so glad we were there!

The actual spring coming up:

Don't be concerned that we've all been vamped. We're fine. The flash just fired unnecessarily on my camera and whited us out. We are just under the edge of the cliff. It was dripping, and Natalie couldn't wait to get under it. Lexi was obviously excited too...

But I'm mean, and made them pose for one more picture:

Looking back:

Something else on these grounds is a fish hatchery.

So beautiful. I bet it was even better just a week ago!

Feeding the fish. Something else I remember from when I was little. (Have you noticed how picturesque the background is in every pic?)

I had no idea Mike was taking this. But I love candid pictures of me with my kids. Even just walking and holding hands.

Lexi was getting bored. I don't blame her. I was out of snacks for the moment.

My loves:

This was one section of the hatchery that didn't appear to have any fish. (the other areas were swarming with fish) So we tested it out, and low-and-behold, they did have fish! SPLASHY fish! Oh my goodness we were shocked at what a ruckus they made!

So Mike played a joke on Natalie...(of course!) he let her throw food in, and as she went to back up to avoid the splashy fish, he stood in her way, and she got wet. LOL! To hear her holler and laugh about it was hilarious!

Watching some rapids:

It was beautiful, and the weather was perfect.

Mike's girls:

FINALLY we get to the important part of the day. Lunch!

We set up a picnic on the tables that were there. I packed 2 cooler bags full of good foods for us to enjoy. With everything we had planned, I knew we'd need it!


Waving with her foot:

This was another interesting part of our day that I vaguely remember from my last visit:

The view from the top of the iron works:

Driving in the park, back to the entrance:

Then Mike and I tried an experiment. Lexi had still been rear-facing that morning, but with all the screaming, fussing, and hollering she does (always was an unhappy rider) we decided to flip her and see if she settled down.

Watching a movie Natalie had on:

Well would you look at that precious face.

She did MUCH better, and seems happier. I wanted to keep her rear-facing as long as possible, but it's also important that I'm not distracted while driving. So she's now forward facing.
Our next stop of the day (as if we hadn't done lots already!) was Meramec Caverns. I love caves. Natalie had never been in one yet, so she was excited too. Here are a few pictures:

Having fun:

This was called a wine table. There are only 3 in the world, and this is the biggest one. Apparently this is an impressive fact.

Largest natural formation in the world:

Ta da! Done!

We enjoyed it, but were TIRED by the end. It had been a long day. We got back in the van, handed out snacks and a few minutes later, I noticed this:

A beautiful sight:

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