Monday, April 30, 2012

Bringing a stroller back to life

I have been running lately. But not as often as I want because I don't have a jogging stroller. So I only run when Mike can watch Lexi for me. Jogging strollers are expensive! Even a nice used one is $50-60. I had been watching for them on craigslist. The other day, one went up for $10 that said it was in "working condition"

I checked it out. It was filthy because it had been sitting in a garage for 2 years. After wrestling with it, the owner finally got it to collapse so I could get it in my car.

I took it home, vacuumed up what filth I could, then unscrewed all the fabric plates and threw all the fabric in the washer. I wiped down all of the frame and tires. After a lot of sweat, the thing still wouldn't collapse so I took some WD-40 to it. Easy-peasy collapsing now. I aired up the tires, and repositioned the wire for the hand brake. Put the fabric back on and re-screwed all the fabric plates to hold it in place. The tires stayed aired up throughout the night, so no new inner tubes are needed!

Now I have a jogging stroller in perfect working condition that I only paid $10 for!! :):):)

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