Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our scary night in the ER

A couple Saturday's ago, Lexi was sick, and started to sound bad. I even called the pediatrician's office b/c I was afraid it would turn into croup, and I spoke with a nurse to see if she needed to be seen. I was advised if she didn't have a fever, she was probably fine. *ahem* I ignored my instincts (which was stupid of me b/c they have never been wrong) and we went about our day.

I was struggling with a cold myself, which was no surprise considering I had been the girls personal tissue on and off for the past four weeks. We put the girls to bed, and I was starting to feel miserable myself. Then I realized we didn't have any cold medicine, Mike had used the last of it. !?!?!??!?!?!!!! Mike amended this situation by going out at 10pm (what a good man) and buying me what I requested. "Something to just knock me out. I need SLEEP!" He came home with NyQuil. I had never tried it, but heard great things. Cheers!

5 minutes later....

Lexi is up, crying, and having a bit of trouble breathing. Mike happened to be in the shower so I took her in the steamy bathroom, but after 5 minutes, she wasn't even a bit better. I took her upstairs to our other bathroom, wrapped her in a blanket, and opened the window to have her breathe the cool air outside. Nothing improved. She was calm, and I could still hear her noisy breathing. I took her outside. Still no improvement, and I was getting nervous. When Natalie had croup as a baby, it resolved at home easily with cold night air.  I called my dad, who asked if her chest was retracting. I stripped her down and looked. Sure enough. Off to the ER we went. Lexi and I arrived at 11:45pm. There was NO ONE in the waiting room, as they were "unusually slow" that evening.

Lexi was pitiful, and you can see how bad she was feeling by just looking at her:

The hospital bracelet annoyed her to no end.

She had croup:

It was a severe enough case that she was not only treated with steroids, but also an epinephrine breathing treatment.Which she hated...

I had to hold her like this for 8-10 minutes. Which might as well been about 4 hours. It was awful.

This is a short video of her feeling better after the first treatment. Lexi improved for about 10 minutes, and then her stridor (noisy breathing coming from the inflammation in her throat--that croupy sound) returned, even while she was sitting quietly.
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The return of her stridor earned her an overnight stay. She was admitted and after a second epinephrine treatment, we got up to the room by about 5am. If you're keeping track, we had just spent close to 5 hours in the ER (on a slow night) with Monnie here fighting sleep b/c of the NyQuil.

The second breathing treatment did the trick, and by the time we were upstairs, Lexi was breathing normally and feeling great. Thank you Jesus. They just needed to keep her for observation at this point to make sure the croup (which was unusually hard to get rid of) didn't return. She was charming the staff, and some of the nurses (who weren't even assigned to Lexi) were creeping in to oooh and aah over her.

This is Lexi in her hospital crib, banging on the canopy at 5:30 in the morning. She was wired from the steroids and epinephrine:

This is a short video I took of our happy and hyper girl around 6am.
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We both slept for about 90 minutes before the doctors came around for morning rounds. I remember waking up and looking over at Lexi, who was sleeping with her buns in the air, and 3-4 medical people were hovering over her whispering about how cute and sweet she was. Then they woke her up, and I had to filter out the expletives, and remind myself they were helping her.

This is our happy girl, playing around in her crib:

Here are a couple shots of the room we had all to ourselves. Little Miss Lexi was in isolation, and not allowed to have a roommate (oh pooh!) b/c the virus that causes croup is contagious.

See that long bench over there by the window?? Yeah. That was where I slept. It gave me a bit more appreciation for what Mike slept on when Natalie was born. (When Lexi was born, we packed an air mattress to the hospital for Mike! :) Live and learn people.

She was discharged around noon. I was hopped up on coffee for the drive home. We got home, ate, and crashed. 

The next morning we saw this beautiful sight:

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