Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mike & Sarah go to PROM!!

Mike and I attended a trivia night at church with our small group. This was for a charity, and we decided the theme for our table would be 80's prom. We had a blast preparing for this. I found a hideous dress several days before from a thrift shop. It was not flattering, but it was very perfect for our theme. (Natalie declared it the most beautiful dress she's ever seen! LOL...it's all hers now)
Here we are in our 80's glory:

Natalie wanted to take a pic with us:

On our way, check out this hair! It was all curled up into a mohawk:

The other table themes were awesome, and stiff competition for the grand prize! ***There was a trophy at stake here!!*** It was fun walking around, and seeing what our friends came up with.These people are dedicated...even more so when it got hot in that gym!

I was crowned prom queen by my fellow 80's prom ladies when I arrived. What an honor! Oh, and check out that makeup:

Mike was afraid of my shocking pink lipstick. So I tortured him all night.

Love love love!

They played music for some of the questions, and during the breaks. When the song, "you look wonderful tonight" came on, our whole table got up and the prom couples started dancing together. (This was in front of about 400 other people!) It was hilarious, and fun.

Oh, and would you look at that?? Grand prize trophy right here folks!

Our table won!! YEAH! This group is so much fun! You can't see our awesome table decorations other than the balloon arch, but we went all out! What a fun night!

We had such a great night together! Prom was fantastic, and I had such a great date!! Here is my hair later that evening after I took out all zillion hair pins! Whoo!

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