Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello again!

This past month has been a whirlwind. I'll admit, I've been a bit preoccupied with other things that have prevented me from blogging. Most of it has been illness. I think the girls and I have each had no less than 3-4 colds each in the last two months. We expected it, as Natalie is now in school and bringing home (and sharing!!) lots of germs. Mike, as always, is healthy as a horse and has the immunity of a statue. Following the colds, Lexi had a double ear infection. Which was really so heartbreaking to watch her not want to eat hardly anything, have a hard time sleeping, and then fuss non-stop throughout the day. The house kind of fell apart that week, as Lexi wanted nothing other than to lay on me. I felt like I needed a clone of myself just so the real me could go to the bathroom!

So sometime during that exhausting week, I noticed that Natalie had lice. Thankfully, I discovered it incredibly early. There were no nits, and only 15-20 lice on her scalp. I treated her, and myself (to be safe) and then washed everything in the house (that was washable) in hot water. I stopped counting at 14-15 loads of laundry. I think it was more like 17 or 18. Not only did I need to wash all of our normal piles of clothes, but also comforters, sheets, blankets from around the house, sofa pillows, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, car seat cushions, and the list went on and on. I also went nuts vacuuming all surfaces of the sofas, mattresses, and floors. Let me give you a bit of advice for ANY of you that have children in school. Invest NOW (before you notice lice) in a good lice comb, and just keep it in the bottom of a drawer for when you might need it. The plastic combs they give you with the kits don't work for anything. (the baby lice are smaller than the spaces in those combs) Oh, and the NIX kit that I bought in the store didn't kill but 2 of the lice on her head. The rest were still alive when I combed them out of her hair. This is the comb I bought, and it is amazing at what it does. No need to even use a chemical on the head (the Rx stuff is a neurotoxin by the way...) So Natalie is lice-free now. (thank you God!!) and Mike insists I never had any, even though I asked him to check my head about 20 times. Even just thinking about it makes my scalp itch! *shudder*

So after my crazy cleaning spell at our home, I took the girls to visit my parents last weekend. Lest you think I was there to put my feet up, I will let you know I was there to clean their house! (Although bless their hearts, they let me take a nap on Saturday morning! It was so refreshing and just what I needed!) We hadn't been there since Christmas, and were looking forward to our little trip! We had such a good time, then poor Natalie came down with a high fever and ear pain Saturday evening. She was asleep on the sofa (in Maw Maw's arms) while I ran around town picking up medicines and anything else I could think of that might help her. Lexi was an absolute riot, crawling around everywhere, exploring, and getting into anything she could get her little hands on. Which was quite a lot, and she was delighted by all the drawers and doors in their kitchen. We were constantly hollering, "Where's Lexi?!" or "Is Lexi with you?!" or "Has anyone seen Lexi?!" She was quick, and gets around pretty fast!

You might have noticed I still referred to Lexi as crawling. That's right! She is still not walking, nor shows any signs of it in the near future. She is 14.5 months right now, and has no desire to walk. Lexi will not even attempt to take her first steps until SHE wants to. This is not anything to be concerned about, just an example of her stubbornness and will. :) She pulls up on everything, cruises while holding onto objects, and lately (within the last 2 days) I have noticed she will briefly let go and stand for a couple seconds on her own. But if we stand her up and try to walk with her, she pulls her knees up, throws her head back, and squirms for us to put her down. It has to be her idea, you see.

She is doing excellent in all areas of development. She is clapping, waving, pointing. She says, "dada, mama, dog, Nahnah (Natalie), bye, go, hi, nigh nigh (night night), ball, Pop, MawMaw, PawPaw" Surprisingly, one word we have NOT heard, is "no!" I'm waiting on it...

Our biggest news for Natalie is that she is READING!!!! Yeah! She started a few weeks ago, and now that she knows she is reading, she finally has interest in doing so! She loves to read her simple books to us, and anyone else who will listen. We are so proud of her. School is going well for her, and I really like Natalie's teacher. She just goes above and beyond what's required, and we appreciate her helping smooth Natalie into this transition of school.

Mike and I are enjoying the new routine of school nights. Although I now have to go to bed before he leaves for work, I'm up and being productive by the time he gets home in the mornings. Our evenings are still nice, the kids are going to bed a whole hour earlier so we still have that time together. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. We're just not into it. We make it special for the kids, but don't need to put a whole show on of flowers and cards to express our love for each other. I'd rather have a small, unexpected gesture any day from my husband than expect flowers on Valentine's Day. I want his heart, not his money. (Perfect example, he left a nice letter for me a couple days ago to find after he went to bed. I'll take that any day!!)

Rudy is now about 6 months old and doing well. There are still a few habits we are working on breaking him of, but overall he is an great dog.

I think that about sums up the last month, I still have lots of pictures to get caught up on though! I'm off to go pick Natalie up from school!! Happy weekend!! :)

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Kathleen @ The Midwest Momma said...

UGH! We have had the stupid cold going around our house for at least the last month. I AM SO OVER IT!!!!! I feel like taking a Lysol-bomb to the whole they even make those? They should. Congrats on Natalie reading!! That is awesome!!