Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Christmas with Mike's side of the family started out so nice, dignified, and lovely. I mean, just look at this beautiful tree and presents!

Nani & Pop brought dinner for everyone, and we got down to opening gifts after our feast! Lexi was everywhere, and held by everyone that night, I think. Total chill baby lately, she is.

Sitting with Aunt Abbey:

Playing next to Pop:

I love this stage. Tissue paper is just awesome, and she could care less about presents.

Family picture time. This is us. Christmas 2011. This is THE PICTURE we will keep in our hearts to remember this evening:

Alright. I feel a need here to explain the rest of these pictures. We were tired of taking pictures. Natalie asked if we could do silly pictures. We said yes! Let's do silly pictures! And here we have it:

Nani rounded out the night with a car ride with Lexi, and the girls went to bed shortly after!

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