Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catching up again

This month has been so busy for us, much more so than usual and all of that on top of the normal Christmas preparations. Is it bad to say that I'm glad Christmas is over? To clarify, I'm glad the chaos that we create for ourselves during this season is over.

Probably the biggest news I should share is that Natalie will now be attending a charter (public) school instead of home-school. We have always wanted to send our children to public school, but that option is pretty much a joke because of where we live. So we home schooled instead of forking over Mike's paycheck for a private school. Home-school was wonderful, and Natalie is such a good student and loves to be challenged. I would say the only negative part about it is how quickly we move through it, leaving her bored in the afternoons. (Natalie has never self entertained well) I wasn't ever bothered by lack of socialization b/c we're around other children several times a week. But home-school wasn't our first choice, even though we made it work well for us. Mike can attest that I worked by rear end off with curriculum, lesson planning, and teaching. I did not take that responsibility lightly.

BUT! My uncle (who is an expert in the education arena) found and visited a charter school in this city that is just amazing. And if he was impressed and had something to say about it, we were definitely going to listen! Mike and I learned all this on Thanksgiving day. We visited the school soon after, were very impressed too, and got Natalie on the waiting list.  She got in, and before Christmas break we'd already met her teachers and she got to know her class and routine by sitting in for half a day. She officially started yesterday, and is doing so well. She has no reservations, and didn't even tell me 'goodbye' yesterday! Just joined her class, and she's so excited to be there. I'm so glad this transition is going smoothly for her.
First day, before we left the house:

Natalie with her kindergarten teacher on Natalie's first day of school:

I, on the other hand, have been having a rough time. This transition is falling at a time where I am slowly weaning Lexi, hormones are at play, and my monnie heart is struggling to let go. *sigh* I am confident this is what is best for Natalie, but I miss her terribly and have cried many tears after I drop her off and also just before I fall asleep at night. If anyone ever tells you that letting go of your children is easy, they are lying through their teeth. We didn't do daycare or preschool. There was nothing to ease into this separation...which obviously would have been for my benefit, Natalie is totally cool and happy with all of this. THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT! I would be a wreck if she was anxious, clingy or crying about it.

I'm rambling on and on, but to sum up: I love her to the moon and back. I miss her terribly, but I'm also happy and SO excited for her. Most importantly, I'm confident in our decision. She is in excellent hands, and will do amazing work at this incredible school. I also appreciate the one-on-one time with Lexi I get more often now. She needs that too. I've also been working out daily (which helps the sappy monnie blues) and catching up on things around the house. It's a good situation, I just can't wait for 3:15 to roll around every day!

You fellow monnie's will understand. Those of you who aren't monnies, don't judge. I realize all of this is fueled and made worse by weaning. Oh, and did I mention my period is due any day?? I can only shake my head and chuckle at this timing. Poor Mike. He is my rock and supporter. His shoulders have been pretty soggy this week. Thank you baby for your comfort.

Good grief, I've already written a novel and that was only ONE topic of many. Onto the other stuff!

Rudy was neutered about a month ago. Maybe we should bond over our mutual hormonal distress... His recovery went smoothly, thank goodness for no unforeseen vet visits/bills. Whoo!

Several weeks ago, both girls decided to get sick with a weird cold virus called "Fifth's Disease." This was just like a normal cold, but with the additional lovely symptoms of bright red cheeks, a lacy rash, and low-grade fever. Natalie was only affected for a couple days. Lexi however, *sigh* this poor baby was absolutely covered in an angry-looking rash. All over her legs, bottom, back, and finally face and arms. Thankfully, it didn't seem to itch or bother her much unless she got too warm. But this persisted for almost TWO weeks, and didn't clear up until just after Christmas. I'm glad it's over and she has her beautiful smooth skin back.
Here she was with her rudolph nose. Pretty festive if you ask me!

My friend Jen came for a visit with her daughter Mikaiah for a couple days. This was the first time I have met her, so it was a precious moment to get to hold her. It was a long drive for them to come visit, but I'm so glad they did! Mikaiah's daddy (Jen's husband) is currently deployed overseas. God bless him!! Please keep him, and our military men/women in your prayers. This was Mikaiah's first Christmas, and I'm sure that was rough for all three of them. I thought about their sweet family quite a bit on that day.
Jen, Mikaiah, and I:

I will update about Christmas (with pictures) in other posts, but will go ahead and tell you about our New Year together. Usually Mike works NYE, so I have celebrated by myself for many years now. I'll be honest and tell you it's lonely knowing so many others are out celebrating with friends and family, but last year holds a sweet memory in my heart. This year, NYE fell on Mike's day off. We didn't do much, but he surprised me with a bottle of champagne to enjoy together. Oh, and after the ball dropped, he told me "happy anniversary" and went to go get my gift.

Now, let it be known that Mike sticks to the "traditional" anniversary gifts and always looks for a way to fit them in. For paper, I got paper flowers. Leather was a leather bound bible. Wood, we bought a kitchen table together. But somehow, some way, he has always managed to get an "appropriate" gift for our anniversary. This year, we celebrated 7 years of marriage. I wondered...he could either go with something wool, or copper.

He comes back into the room and says, "here babe!" and tosses a pair of wool socks at me. These things are men's wool crew socks that will go up to my knees. My thoughts?:
1) Be still my beating heart.
2) Hawt.
3) The jokes on him, b/c I'll be wearing them! :)

The next day (the day of our anniversary--you know, after we got some sleep) we served at church, and then Mike's parents came back to our house with us to watch the girls while we went out! Thank you guys! It was refreshing to get away for a few hours. Since then, we have been thrown into the school routine!

I think that about covers the updates!

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