Thursday, January 19, 2012


I just wanted to share a couple pictures of my beautiful growing girl.

She now has bangs too!

I was so mad at myself b/c of the last pic. Mike took it, and I made a face so when she looked at the picture later, she'd laugh. (and she did) but it's a great picture of her, and ruined b/c of my silly face! Thank goodness we can crop!

I spend my days herding

and redirecting. She is into everything. It's only going to get worse when she starts walking. Which, she has no desire to do at the moment. That's just fine with me. Her crawling is adorable. Especially if you say her name (as a warning) or tell her 'no.' Then she squeals and crawls away at hyper-speed.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I'm not going to lie, I often feel like I'm spending my time just preventing disasters from happening while she's awake. You know, instead of actually making any headway on getting the house in order or any number of other things that need to be done around here. But oh, I would not trade these moments for anything in this world. I'll blink and she'll be starting kindergarten.

Let's be honest, I'm pretty blessed to wake up to this happy face every morning (not to mention her sweet sisters as well!!)


We have been to the park a few times in the past week or so, taking full advantage of some of the beautiful (long-gone) weather we had. Lexi loves to swing! Natalie was too busy playing on all the other stuff to have her picture taken, so I soaked up the cuteness here with my second-born.

I don't think I could possibly pick a favorite picture here. She's so adorable and happy 99% of the time, I get such a kick out of her. Natalie was much the same at this age. I could tell some stories about Lexi when she's not happy, but we'll save that for another day... ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Christmas with Mike's side of the family started out so nice, dignified, and lovely. I mean, just look at this beautiful tree and presents!

Nani & Pop brought dinner for everyone, and we got down to opening gifts after our feast! Lexi was everywhere, and held by everyone that night, I think. Total chill baby lately, she is.

Sitting with Aunt Abbey:

Playing next to Pop:

I love this stage. Tissue paper is just awesome, and she could care less about presents.

Family picture time. This is us. Christmas 2011. This is THE PICTURE we will keep in our hearts to remember this evening:

Alright. I feel a need here to explain the rest of these pictures. We were tired of taking pictures. Natalie asked if we could do silly pictures. We said yes! Let's do silly pictures! And here we have it:

Nani rounded out the night with a car ride with Lexi, and the girls went to bed shortly after!

Christmas 2011

We were able to go back to my hometown for Christmas this year. The Christmas Eve service at church is always something I look forward to. The last time I was there for a candlelight service, I believe Natalie was in my tummy. It's been awhile. I prepped Natalie on how careful she had to be if she wanted to hold a candle. She is always my reliable rule follower, so I trusted her, and she did great. I don't think she moved the entire time the candle was lit!

The usher handed me a candle as well. I laughed, put it back, and told him I didn't think it was such a great idea with Lexi on my lap. I mean seriously, she'll lunge at anything she wants (and has been known on occasion to have a fit if you won't let her have it...*ahem*) Anyway, I really thought I'd have to take her out when the candles were lit. But instead, she was surprisingly happy just to look.

The best part about the service this year? We were sitting in the back row, Lexi was on my lap, and while the minister was talking, she let out a loud burp! Everyone around us turned around. I started laughing, couldn't stop, and the harder I tried to stifle my giggles, the worse it got.

Our family on Christmas Eve, 2011. Do you see Rudy?? I had him in a lovely little headlock so he'd sit still for the picture:

Sarah & Cory:

Mom & Cory:

Christmas morning!

Coming to see what Santa brought:

Santa did great this year!

She loves this car!

Good morning, sunshine!!

Santa brought a fun toy for Lexi too!

Thank goodness we had something for Rudy--it kept him out of trouble for a while.

Climbing onto other gifts:

Here I am, opening my stocking. Don't laugh at my apparel either. I know you all have Christmas reindeer flannel pj's too. Don't hate. Appreciate.

Here we are, about to let her open the big gift that has taunted her from under the tree for the last two weeks!

A princess castle!! The ONLY thing she asked for!

This busy ball popper is another fun gift. Not something I'd recommend with a puppy in the house, but Lexi does love it!

Lexi was so happy and content, playing next to the tree all morning even with the chaos around her.

When she got tired, she laid her little head down while PawPaw patted her back. She stayed like this for a long time:

More gifts:

I'm holding a peek-a-boo bear that cracks Lexi up.

Our little one stripped down and stole a car later that morning too:

This is my nephew Chase, doing what we've all dreamed about for years! ;)

Riding on the plasma car:

I'll leave this next picture open for captions. It needs a title:

This might need one too. This is not posed. My brothers were in the background of another picture, and I just cropped this down. Apparently, Cory made the mistake of telling Doug he needed to sneeze. That's probably the last thing he remembered:

Merry Christmas!!!