Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two more down!

(A total of 5 lost)

This is making me happy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Because I know you're wondering...

Mike finally got a new belt. Actually two belts. You know, for next week when this current new belt is now too big. *snicker*

I am actually less joyfully-bitter about this because I have started losing weight as well. Two pounds down this week, for a total of 3 lost. I was able to squeeze into a smaller size pair of jeans this morning. I can't wear them out in public yet, God forbid I would have to sit down somewhere! But I'm on my way.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My husband is melting away.

Mike and I have started p90x. If you are unaware of what p90x is, I will gladly give you a brief explanation. Feel free to quote me on this: It is a brutally intense workout program that lasts for 90 days. Each workout is something different, every day of the week, and each of these workouts is about 55 minutes long. It changes the style/intensity of the workout so you confuse your body to never "plateau." It will whip you up into the best shape of your life. You have to take a fitness test before you start it, just so you know you're fit enough to do it. Mike and I passed this first test. Barely. He did better than I did. I kept thinking "what the heck have I gotten myself into?!"

We are committed to this. We are holding each other accountable, and come hell or high water, we're DOING THIS!

So! How's it going, you ask?

Well, we've just finished day 18. I am sore almost every day, but I like it. I feel good. Not only physically, but mentally/emotionally. Working out daily gives you such a boost of happiness. Who knew right? Workout guru's and medical health professionals have only been telling us this for years.

Mike is losing weight. Quite a bit. Within the first week, I was hearing "I think I've lost a pound every day!"

*side eye to Mike*

I might have lost half a pound at that point. The past few days, I'm hearing "I need a new belt, my pants are sagging." Or, "hey hon, are you going to the mall anytime soon, I really need a belt!" Or, "Sarah, look at this," and he holds his pants away from him in front to reveal how much room he has in them.

I tramped down the urge to throw something at him, and went to stand on the scale myself.

Damn you scale.

I have lost 1 pound. ONE! *gaze upwards to the heavens* Thankfully, the wise man I married did not come around the corner to ask me how much I have lost.

I did measure my waist again and I have lost 1 inch there. So there's something I guess. But I wanted this fat to melt off I say! I'm working so hard!

I have two thoughts on my slow progress. One: is the classic muscle-weighs-more-than-fat line that everyone tells themselves when they're not losing weight. Two: is that I'm still just eating to much. Highly likely, but I am still nursing, and won't give that up yet. Lexi decides that at this age. I'm certainly not eating any more than usual, in fact, I'm not snacking anymore, and haven't had sweets in a long time. (I almost considered smuggling oreo's in the house today...but didn't) Now I have added hard workouts to my routine, you'd think that alone would make a difference. So we'll see what gives. I'm not stopping my workouts! I'm not!

I'm very proud of Mike. We both working hard, we're doing this together, I just want to see the results he's seeing. So if you see him, pat him on the back. He deserves it. He is doing fantastic! Yeah Mike!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for the Pumpkin Patch again!

I am going to bombard you with pictures. You're going to like it!

We hadn't been there 5 minutes, and Natalie was already stirring apple butter. CHILD LABOR! CHILD LABOR!!!! (I didn't see any other kids doing this...Natalie just asked)

This is the ghost house she chickened out of. She did it last year, and couldn't seem to go this year:

Her expressions coming down these slides were hilarious. Mike took this because I was trying to entertain misshighmaintenancefortheday.

Love this kid!

Mike didn't have to pose with her this year, now that she has a sister!

Nani did a lot of stroller pushing for miss fussy britches:

My goodness she has grown up a lot in just one year!

Fun with strangers! LOL

The horse rides were fantastic this year! I handed over the money, put the helmet on her, then hoisted her up there and waved. No trotting alongside to try and keep up...or dodging horse poop! It was great! I may have sniffled on the side, at the wonder of my grown up girl!

Natalie looks like she needs a pony. I wonder what the city would think of one tied to our chain link fence out back?

Hayride! (Lexi is reaching for the bottle in my hand)

They might be related:

Hmmm, I wonder how that hay got all over Pop...

Nani took this awesome picture of Lexi. I had her under the blanket, trying to keep her out of the bright sun.

If each of us had a caption for this next picture it would go something like this:
Lexi: Mom, seriously! I really don't care to be shoved in this barrel for a photo op. Totally lame.
Natalie: *siiiiiiigh* Get used to it Lexi. She does this a lot. I wonder when they'll start this ride anyway.
Me: We are going to take this picture, and you're going to like it. Now look happy and smilllllle!

This is how our little Lexi was happiest that day:

On a self-absorbed note, do you notice how LIGHT my hair looks in that last picture. In the sun, it could almost pass for a darker blonde again. Be sure to note the last picture in this post.

Back to the kids!

Natalie DID get to take that barrel ride:

Mike told her to try and lift this!

Gator chomp time! Confession: I can't find Natalie's little gator's shirt. I have been in SO much trouble over this. We are sporting Mike's clothes for this pic:

There! That previous picture! See how dark my hair is?? What is up with that? *sigh* I miss the blond hair of my youth. I may have made an apt with my stylist to correct this. Mike said no more hair dye operations in the bathroom. Harumph!*hair flip!*

Grandma's Birthday

Quick family snapshots:

4 generations:

Natalie ran up to her great-grandpa, and yelled "TAG! You're IT!" and then runs off. To my surprise, he chased her...and CAUGHT her! Go grandpa Jack!

The lovely dinner party:

After dinner musical entertainment:

Natalie plays, Lexi dances (she didn't have a choice-ha!):

Lexi plays, Natalie dances!

I realize Lexi looks completely miffed in those last two pictures, but she loved it. I promise.