Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Sweet Girls

Natalie couldn't be any more loving and maternal to Lexi. It warms my heart how sweet these sisters are together.

One has bright blue eyes, and one has dark green as of now. Lexi's might turn brown (we keep thinking ONE of our children will have the same color eyes as us) or they might stay green like Pop's eyes.


Lexi has been more and more active during her awake times. She is no longer happy just lounging in our arms. She wants to be held upright so she can look all around, or even better, playing on the floor in her play gym:

This week I have started putting her in the exer-saucer...with a little tweaking to accommodate her more comfortably:

She loved being upright, and I stayed with her to keep her from wobbling too much. Head control is still a skill she is learning to master.

This picture cracked me up! She doesn't look too impressed here:

Playing and making noise:

Done playing, ready to move on to something else!

Her bumbo is something she is just now getting used to. She gets tired of it easily, but seems to enjoy it for the couple minutes she's in it. I love how Natalie is always right there with her!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wakey wakey!

Lexi occasionally needs an early-evening catnap to make it through the day. Lately, we have been waking her around 7ish so she won't stay up late. When we start trying to rouse her, it is comical how sleepy she is, and how much she resists our attempts to wake her. (and yet I can tiptoe through her room to check on her in the middle of the night, and the slightest floor creak will wake her instantly!)

This is after I have turned on the light, turned off the sound machine, patted her back, and have been talking to her for several minutes. She just sighs at me and turns her head the other way:

Her little hands look like a doll's. They are precious!

Perfect baby toes:

Finally I get some sleepy eyes!

Just after I took this picture, she gave me a brilliant smile:


On our last visit to my parents house, we spent lots of time outside. The weather was beautiful. Natalie has a tiny water gun that she likes to use to "water the plants."

Blowing bubbles (the lazy way) on the front porch:

Again on the back patio with Daddy:

We made a special trip to a farm supply store, just so Natalie could hold the baby rabbits they had for sale:

MawMaw surprised her with a pretzel when she came back from running errands. They are Natalie's favorite food...ever!

The 4 of us:

Natalie was running around in her PJ's...with a jacket on, on the deck. I love this big can tell she was laughing in this picture:

She saw her shadow and exclaimed, "look! An angel!!"

Not a fan

of the camera flash:

...sorry baby girl.


Tummy Time

is just...



We play with them all day long around here. They are oh-so-fun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More pics from grandparent's visit

Natalie & Nani blowing bubbles into the garage while Lily tries to find a way to get out there:

Grandma rocking with Lexi & Grandpa playing on the floor with Natalie:

Pillow fights after our day at the zoo:

Last evening together before they had to go home:

Zoo Day

While Mike's grandparents were in town, we took advantage of the wonderful weather and went to the zoo. Where to first? The elephants, of course! It was really neat to see them so active:

Natalie with her great-grandparents:

Watching the elephants:

Have you noticed the Florida shirt of Natalie's? The reason she loves the Florida gators so much, is because Mike brain washed her is a fan. Not only do they have a great teams, but grandpa went there as well. It must make him proud when she walks up to him and yells, "GATOR CHOMP!"

We watched the elephants for quite a while:

Lexi, my dear sweet child, was..."difficult" that day. She was not happy unless she was carried, bounced, or nursed. I would not have made it if Randy and Dorie weren't there! They were so incredibly helpful. We swapped between keeping an eye on Natalie, pushing the stroller, or carrying Lexi. I don't know about them, but my arms were noodles by the end of the day!!

Randy was my hero that day. Seriously. He carried Lexi for well over an hour, in her favorite position no less. Other than when I nursed her, she was happiest in his arms for the majority of our day there. Mine would have fallen off if I had to do this...that or be completely unusable the next day:

See the puddle of drool on his arm??

We all took turns dealing with the stroller that day. It's a sit n stand, so Natalie has a place to (you guessed it) sit or stand. Lexi has a spot in the front that she can sit in, or her car seat snaps in. It's an awesome stroller. I have used it a ton already and love it. However, regardless if the girls were in there or not, this thing is a beast. VERY heavy, and no big deal when pushing in a mall...but in the world's hilliest zoo?!? Later that evening, I fell onto our sofa in a mini-coma.

Nani got quite the workout keeping up with Natalie and pushing the girls to the car. She was super helpful, just doing what needed to get done. It just amazes me that it took all of us to keep 2 kids entertained. Grandparents are awesome. Period. They know what it takes, and are happy to help out whenever they can.

Look, it's Mike's favorite people! We are posing with a very calm and stoic favorite kind:

Natalie needed to see the giraffe's before we left. They are her favorite. Pop surprised her later with a stuffed giraffe from the gift shop.

So thank you Nani & Pop for all the help! Even though Lexi didn't enjoy the zoo, Natalie had a blast, and that's what makes it all worth while. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is That Smell??

One of favorite times of the day is when I finally get to fall into bed at night. The girls have been taken care of, and are blissfully asleep. I've gone non-stop all day catering to everyone else's needs. Now its me time. I get to relax, watch a little tv, read until my vision blurs, then sleep.

A couple nights ago, Mike and I were laying on our bed chatting when I kept getting a whiff of something awful. After sniffing around, I recognized the all too familiar eau de spit up smell...and it was coming from my pillow. Apparently when we had Lexi on our bed earlier that day, she spit up all over my pillow. I had no idea at the time...very stealth of her. I held my pillow under Mike's nose so he could enjoy the awful smell too, and then changed pillow cases.

There is something about moments like these, (when you find reminders of your kids around the house after they're asleep) that bring a smile to my face. No matter how odd or gross those reminders might be. I occasionally find crumbs in my bed from Natalie's snack...that shouldn't have been in my bed in the first place! Toys on the stairs, a crayon in the sofa, or something furry next to my leg in bed that turns out to be a missing stuffed animal. They all make me smile. Even the dried spit up on my pillow. Why? It's all evidence of how blessed we are.

Friday, March 4, 2011


just wears a girl out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Way to go Sarah!

Me and my big mouth. Bragging about being healthy on the blog yesterday. I should have known better! Argh! **forehead smack!**

Sweet Natalie came down with some kind of stomach bug today. Didn't hit her until we were in the van. (How is it that kids always manage to vomit in the car?! This has always perplexed me. Seriously. The huge project of disassembling and cleaning car seats is something I could do in my sleep by now) Anyway, she tends to panic and flail her hands when she vomits, which flings it everywhere. Got to use the pet carpet cleaner again.

So she's on the sofa with 102 degree fever, watching Rudolf the Red Nosed March. Because she's sick and I will let her do whatever she wants if it makes her feel better.

So apparently the plague illness isn't done in our house yet. Please send up a prayer for Natalie to get well, and another one for Lexi to stay well.

We will be keeping our sense-of-humor intact to get us through yet another yucky few days.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Happening Here

We are all healthy!! Amazing, I know. Even my stupid eyelash worked it's way out without any intervention needed.

Lexi had her 2 month checkup (3 weeks late due to illness) and handled her immunizations as if they were nothing. Slept a little more than usual, mild fever, but no fussiness or any other issues. Her doctor is thrilled that she is growing well and nursing without supplements. He is also impressed with how well she is sleeping...possibly flustered that we've now had two children who are great sleepers.

I am getting ready to start buying materials for Natalie's kindergarten year. She will be homeschooled and I am looking forward to it! Someday, when we live in a good school district, we'd like her to experience public schools. For now, we are happy to homeschool her. She is SO ready for kindergarten!

We are loving our church, as usual! This past Sunday Mike's parents were able to join us for the first time, and we witnessed 19 baptisms!!! There were 27 total, including 1st service. It was incredible! Mike and I are also in the process of starting up a small group bible study with another couple from church. We are looking forward to it!

Mike and I are about to start on some projects around the house as well. We will be painting several rooms, updating the kitchen a bit, and installing new laminate flooring on the main level. I can't wait!!! I've got everything planned out, and will be taking before/after pictures, as it will be a big change!! Most of all, I'm looking forward to working alongside my husband on these projects. Even if he isn't a big fan of home-improvement, we enjoy working together and having a good time!

Another new thing I'm trying is cloth diapering. So far, I love it! It's so much easier than I'd ever imagined and does a better job at containing Lexi messes. :)

I will also be updating the blog a bit, I think mainly a new web address that eliminates our last name from the title. I have a creative friend helping with name ideas...stay tuned!

3 Months!

Our happy girl is 3 months old!!

She is sleeping well at night, and an absolute joy! We had 3 month pictures taken yesterday, and she was a little more serious than usual for the photographer. We get home, I get these glorious smiles! Of course! :)


all the little moments:

Plenty of Hands!

It seems all three of them were involved in the process of giving Lexi a bottle. Don't let her fool you, she would have nothing to do with it.