Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bottle Feeding Again

Daddy got to feed Lexi again the other night. We had a harder time getting her to latch onto the bottle this time. By the time the milk had warmed, she was all worked up and flat out refused that bottle! So I nursed her for a few minutes, then gave her back to Daddy to try again. It worked and she drank about an ounce before she was full.

Once I downloaded the pictures, I noticed a little detail in this picture. See their matching crooked pinkie fingers??

Happy Monnie & Happy Baby

I am so blessed to be a woman. Blessed to take care of my home, my husband, and my children. Blessed to conceive, carry, birth, and nurse my babies. I am humbled by God's love for us, and so thankful He answered our prayers.


So content:

Melt My Heart!

Love From Nani & Pop

Mike's parents joined us for dinner on Friday. It had been awhile since we had seen them because of all the sickness in our home. I think they enjoyed their time...maybe ;)

Lexi snuggled right into Nani and took her regular evening catnap:

Lexi was quite content in Pop's arms as well. He is holding her in her favorite position:

I completely failed to get pictures of Pop rough housing with Natalie. It was hilarious and between the two of them, they were able to stall her bedtime for at least an hour.


Most of the time, Natalie is pretty picky about how she sleeps. This day, not-so-much:

Monday, February 21, 2011

How Was My Day??

Why I am so glad you asked! It has been an interesting one.

Lexi actually slept for 9 hours straight, nursed, then back to sleep again until I had to wake her. I was headed to the ophthalmologist because my eye freaking hurts!! The past few days it has been horribly red in the corner and painful, but no other symptoms.

So after waking Lexi, I start changing her diaper and she shoots poo over a distance of THREE feet. I am NOT exaggerating. It covered her changing table (and everything on it) and a couple feet of carpet as well. Oh my goodness, child. After getting over my initial shock of what happened and my dismay of how she did this again, I yelled for Mike to come hold her feet up and out of the mess while I cleaned it all up. Mike worked on the carpet stains later. I was laughing at the irony that we were finally using the carpet stain remover that was formulated for pet stains. :)

I get to the doctors office (with Lexi in tow) and start filling out paperwork. Lexi starts crying and will. not. stop. I pick her up out of her seat to discover that she has had yet another blow out and has soaked through her onesie AND sleeper. At this point, all I can do is laugh...until I realize I have nothing else to put on her. I take off the onesie which has taken most of the damage, and put the sleeper back on her. Sorry honey.

I catch a glimpse of the doctor. He is a dinosaur much older man than I expected. In his upper 70's. In fact, this whole establishment is a little dated. There isn't a computer in sight, and the receptionist was using a typewriter. Not kidding. At least it was electric. When I handed her my debit card to pay the co-pay, I about fell over when she said they don't accept credit or debit cards, only cash or check.

They call me back to the exam room and Lexi is still fussing and unhappy. I am feeling the repercussions for waking her up earlier. (Lexi is overall a very happy baby, but when she gets upset, she is hard to soothe because she won't take a pacifier. We can bounce her around in our arms, or I can put her to my breast. That's about it. How I wish she would take a pacifier!!) So when the doctor walks in, I am sitting in the chair with Lexi latched onto me. It didn't bother either of us a bit, and I truly appreciate his understanding. She isn't even nursing, just using me as a pacifier and staring up at me. Those beautiful bright eyes can get just about anything from me...

I had to lean way over her to get my head on the chin-rest-thingy so he could look into my eye. Immediately he saw the problem. I have an eyelash stuck in my tear duct! Apparently it's pretty far down in there, and he had trouble getting to it. But it is obviously still coming back up into the eye, which is what is causing the pain and irritation. He used various instruments, but to no avail. I left with a Rx for some drops, and prayers that it will resolve on its own. I see him again on Friday, and if it isn't better by then, I may be referred to a surgical ophthalmologist. Prayers please.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lexi's First Bottle

I made the mistake of waiting too long to give Lexi a bottle. I think you're supposed to start feeding breastfed babies a bottle (every few nights) once they are a couple weeks old. Why? Because if they only eat from the breast for so long, then they will refuse anything else. That, or have trouble swallowing from a bottle b/c it flows faster and they aren't used to that. I made this same mistake with Natalie. (You think I would learn...) It took several encouraging tries to get Natalie to finally drink from a bottle. I waited even longer with Lexi and was now dreading it, because Lexi refuses ANYTHING other than me. She won't even take a pacifier. ANY pacifier. Oh dear.

So we started with just a 1/2 ounce because I didn't want to pump waste any more than necessary. See this? Daddy gets to finally feed her and she is pushing that nipple out of her mouth. Totally refusing it, as expected:

A few seconds later, she realized there was milk in there, and latched right on. We were shocked! She drained the bottle, as if she had been bottle-feeding her whole life:

Mike is still feeling pretty rotten, but he really enjoyed feeding his little girl:

Goodbye Winter!!

Yesterday afternoon, I had to run a quick errand with Lexi. Mike was outside with Natalie because the weather got up to 42 degrees here!! *hallelujah chorus*

The sidewalk along our house was still a sheet of ice, so Natalie rode her bike on our porch for a few minutes.

As I was leaving, they also left to go on a walk. I stopped at a stop sign and noticed Natalie and Mike walking toward me on the sidewalk. Before Mike could notice, Natalie had leaped up high into the air and stomped into a huge puddle. She was instantly soaked from the knees down. It was such sweet joy for me to be able to yell and wave goodbye, and drive off. :)

Today, Mike took her on another walk. This time, she was prepared for the puddles:

...or so we thought. When she got back, her pants and socks were still soaked. They must have found some good ones to jump in!!

Ladies! Be prepared...

to be jealous! Check out the beautiful eyelashes on my oldest daughter:

Playing Together

We got the play gym out for Lexi yesterday morning. Natalie wanted to lay down with her and show her how it all worked. It was so sweet watching them together:

Lexi's little arms were swinging everywhere. Natalie even got swiped a few times:

Natalie gets very concerned when Lexi fusses:

Oh For Pete's Sake!!

Mike now has an eye infection.

The rest of us are on the mend...I think. Natalie is over her cold and doing the best of all of us. I think she may have escaped the sinus infection? I hope!! Lexi and I are still congested, but slowly getting better. Lexi's eye infection is all cleared up, we will just be finishing up antibiotics to make sure it stays that way! Mike still has the most congestion, and now has a mutant eye as well. (Now I'm the paranoid one, wondering if every eye twinge I feel is an eye infection)

I have been spraying everything with sanitizer, washing all clothing, towels, and bedding in hot water, and refreshing towels daily. I just saw our thermometer, and it is SIXTY-TWO degrees outside right now. Thank you LORD! I am opening the windows and airing this place out!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Motherhood Isn't For Wimps

Did I ever tell you about the time that Lexi pooped on me? My brother (Cory) calls this a great birth control story. You're about to find out why. Lexi pooping on me is nothing new. This girl lives to poop (or even potty) on me. I am super fast with diapers and never had this issue with Natalie, but Lexi is faster. I'm used to it occasionally ending up on my hands, clothes, or whatever surface I'm changing her on. Nothing stimulates this girl to go like taking off her diaper. Here is where our little story beings:

Lexi was almost 3 weeks old, and we were on our way home from my parents. (This is actually earlier on the same day we hit the deer) We stopped at my dad's office to drop off his car, and I was ahead of Mike by a couple minutes because he was picking up our van from the shop. I took Lexi out of her seat to change her diaper, but didn't have a lot of options. Dad offered an exam room, but I declined, not wanting to pick up any extra germs there. I was going to use his office desk, but Lexi is our spitter and doesn't do well laying flat on her back. So I opted to prop my feet up on Dad's desk, and change her on my legs, thus keeping her head elevated so she wouldn't spit up.

I've got everything in place (fresh diaper already underneath her) so all I have to do is open, wipe, and cover her back up. Somehow between those 3 steps, I heard Lexi grunt, heard the squirting sound, and felt the spray...on my face!!!!! Oh. Dear. Sweet. Jesus. Dad turned around to look at me, and saw (what I had yet to look down and see) that my shirt was covered in mustard color baby poop. This is the first time in my life I witnessed my father panic and not know what to do. What he didn't see at this point, that it was all over my face too. I was dying of laughter and yet so grossed out.

Dad: What do you want me to do?!?!
Me: (yelling with my lips closed) Get a paper towel!!!!

Dad brings me the paper towel and is finally close enough to see:

Dad: Oh my gawd it's all over your face!
Me: (yelling with lips closed) I know!! GET IT OFF!!

Dad's wiping off my face and I'm instructing him to please wipe my lips. We are in hysterics now, laughing. Natalie is curious what has us making so much noise so she comes over and her reaction kills me.

Natalie: Monnie, what happened?
Me: Lexi pooped on me!!!
Natalie: Eww. (walks away)

Dad brought more and more wipes so I could clean my shirt, and I finally handed Lexi over so I could finish cleaning up in the bathroom.

Needless to say, I have never held her on my legs to change her diaper since then!

Lexi Smiles!

Our sweet girl gives the best smiles! I seem to always be without my camera when she's in a smiley mood. Happy time is usually first thing in the morning, after her little tummy has been filled. Or anytime throughout the day, after her tummy is filled. Note the pattern! Babies have priorities, after all. This past week, she has been more serious since she hasn't been feeling 100%, but not-at-all fussy. Just last night, she started giving big smiles again, and talking quite a bit too. She can turn us all into mush with just a couple of syllables.
Miss bright eyes, lounging in the boppy next to Daddy:

...and the smiles begin to grow:

Another Engineering Fail

Natalie built a tent:

Mike and I were rolling with laughter (with Natalie) by the time she finished:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Anyone Else...

ready for cold and flu season to be DONE with?? We have stayed pretty healthy, although we have lived like hermits. Per doctors orders! Having a newborn in cold/flu season is a little worrisome, to say the least. They have very little immunity, and although coughs and sniffles aren't much to write home about, viruses such as RSV and influenza can be deadly. No, I'm not exaggerating. So we have been abiding by the instructions left to us by her doctors, and don't take her out in public places. Church is the only exception!

So what baffles me is: how did my 2 month old baby girl came down with a sinus infection this week?? Seriously. All I can say is thank God for bulb syringes! After being sneezed and coughed on for the last few days, I now have it too. Oh well! Natalie has cold symptoms as well, which may just be the warm-up to the sinus infection. She seems to be the most miserable with the drippy nose and watery eyes.

Yesterday evening Lexi started producing green goop in her right eye, and by this morning it was in both. I called her pediatrician to get her in first thing, and then poor Natalie woke up with a low-grade fever. Mike walked in the door not but 5 minutes later feeling weak and chilled. He has fever too! This is probably only the third time I have ever seen him ill in the past 8.5 years I have known him.

Now aren't we a pitiful bunch? LOL. I have no idea if we all have the same illness, or different ones. I don't think I care at this point. I have already gone into OCD hand washing and sanitizing mode. I will do whatever it takes to get us healthy again...and try not to hack on them as I do it. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


is so much fun on a cold day! 1 part water, 2 parts cornstarch and a little food coloring:

It can form into a solid in your hand, then back into a liquid and run free.

Sweet moments

Sweet morning smiles:

Aunt Maggie & Lexi:

Talking before bath time:

Snuggling with MawMaw:

Rocking with my girls:

I spy a problem there...

As of now, I would not recommend these kids for an engineering major:

Dad said it looks similar to the tri-level. HA!

Look what we found!

Mom found my wedding veil on the floor of their garage last week. We have NO idea how it got there, but thankfully it was protected in a thick plastic bag and completely fine! Whew!! Natalie had a little fun trying it on, and I couldn't help getting a little sentimental seeing it on my beautiful daughter. The last time it was worn, was the day I married her daddy. :)

Did you hear??

It snowed quite a bit this past week! After looking at the forecast and knowing Mike would be gone working long hours, us girls went to stay with my folks. While we were there, we received RECORD setting snowfall amounts, complete with a blizzard. Wow. I don't ever remember seeing it snow like this. Natalie insisted on playing outside in it. She is wearing my old snow bibs...and I am so glad Mom hung on to them! She stayed nice and toasty. She is not happy I made her slow down and take a picture before going outside:

Seriously Natalie? You really want to go play in that?!

We made it outside before the actual blizzard:

It was hilarious watching her make her way through the deep snow. See that bench on the left? Notice how high the snow is on it...keep that in mind:

Checking out the frozen bird bath:

This was taken after we were back inside, once the wind started. At times, you couldn't even see the trees in the backyard because of the white-out conditions. It was incredible!

Later that evening when it was tapering off, I checked to see how much digging we'd have to do to get our minivan out. Uhh, sorry I looked.

This is SNOW that was up against the garage door:

The next morning after it was all over. See that bench now?? We had over 18", but some areas had 3-4 foot drifts because of the wind:

Here is dad, starting the big dig out:

He used the snow blower, and refused to let me help him. Humph! He still won't share his toys! :) I shoveled the front porch and back deck. Part of that deck had over 30" of snow drifted on it, and OMG my back hurt after tackling that! Kudos for those of you who shoveled an entire driveway (Kat!) without a snow blower!!