Thursday, December 8, 2011

Natalie gets glasses

Natalie did something unusual during her routine eye exam at the pediatrician's office several months ago. We were then referred to the pediatric optometrist. We never suspected anything wrong with her vision. In fact, we thought she had great vision! So I was quite surprised when he discovered that one of her eyes has problems. In fact, her vision in her left eye has been poor for so long, her right eye has compensated. By that, I mean about 90% of her vision is through her right (good) eye, and only 10% from her left. Which explains why we never noticed the vision problem. So although she will always have to have a lens for her left eye, the good news is that she is at an age where part of this can be corrected and the left eye can be strengthened. We just have to patch the good eye for 2 hours a day, to force that left eye to work and get strong.

Here is our girl in her new glasses:

She has two pair, but these are by-far her favorite!

We ordered her glasses online, and paid $29 for each pair. If you've ever owned a pair of glasses, you know that's a tenth of what most cost! Mike ordered 3 pair for himself for a total of $32. I would highly recommend zenni optical. Equal quality to other lenses, just no overhead or advertising. :) I like it. 
She hates the patches, but she can manage 2 hours a day. I'm just glad she loves her glasses, we sure do!
(As she gets older, she can graduate to wearing just one contact, and/or eventually get corrective surgery if she wants)

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Tate Family said...

awww, she looks so cute in them!!