Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lexi's Party

We had Lexi's birthday party (with family) a couple days after her birthday. I wanted to just enjoy her first birthDAY with just the four of us, and not have to worry about cleaning, fixing food, and prepping for party guests. I did that with Natalie, and felt like I missed out on most of my day with her. Let's face it. The first birthday is not just a milestone for baby, it's a huge milestone for the parents. We survived the first year. Bonus? She's healthy and happy! Whoo!

So now that the emotional, bitter-sweet actual birthDAY was behind us, we were ready to party! Well, most of us:

Rudy was pumped! Can't you tell??


A very cool gift from UB and Aunt Abbey:

Opening gifts:

Apparently something was very funny...I doubt it was the socks she opened, but they were much-needed.

She loves this puppet book:

This music cube is the coolest thing ever. If you have a baby, get one!

Matchy-matchy. Lexi is not happy to pose:

Coordinating jammies. I love Lexi's expression here!

More cake:

She still enjoyed it!

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Tate Family said...

I see A LOT of Mike in Lexi. That cake looks DELISH!