Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lexi is ONE!!! Please hand me a tissue.

We gave Lexi Natalie's old toy house on her birthday. She loves it!!

A wonderful distraction from the tree! ;)


She has so much fun with all the buttons, doors, switches, etc.

Natalie spent a lot of time playing with her too.


I helped her open a gift earlier in the day, just something that she could play with on her birthday:

She didn't seem too impressed, but then again, she didn't "get" what was going on.

Mid-afternoon of the last ones, we're ready for sippy cups.

The weather was about 51 degrees, so we decided we'd take her to the park and let her swing. She LOVES to swing! I highly doubt we'll be able to do much outside for future Dec. 1st birthdays!

She loved it! Although she kept slumping forward in her swing. LOL, even when I stopped her to sit her up, she'd scoot forward again:

Rudy kept pulling these stunts on Mike...

I thoroughly enjoyed pushing our birthday girl and watching her smiles.

Marveling at the past year and what a little person she's become. I love this little one so much.

We opened gifts after dinner. Lexi stayed pretty serious throughout the whole evening. I don't think she knew what to think of all the attention!

With Daddy:


So serious!

Bath toys! Yeah!

A new book:

Of course Rudy kept getting into an empty box and got his head stuck:

Natalie and Lexi spent some time playing together:

Natalie is probably the best big sister ever. She's amazing with Lexi:


Happy Birthday little one. You are so loved!

...and if anyone had any doubt, she LOVED the cake!

Only crumbs left:

Bath time with the bath toys! (please ignore the awful mildew...blah!)

The bathroom gets very crowded at bath time. :)

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Tate Family said...

such a sweet, sweet age. :) natalie does look so nurturing with her.