Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lexi attacks the puppy...and the tree. Thankfully both survive.

Lexi is very interested in Rudy. She swats him away when he approaches while she's busy playing. However, when he's resting peacefully, she cannot resist him!

These two are buddies already:

She lays her head down on him and coo's "awwwww!" It's adorable:

Then she ruins the sweet moment by putting her fingers where they don't belong. Today, it happened to be up his nose. He just lays there and waits for me to move her. (which I do) Have you ever seen a more patient puppy!?! He's only 15 weeks old.

Onto something else!

She enjoys pulling the ornaments and shaking the branches. I love this picture b/c it shows the movement:

She can be such a whirlwind, but how could I possibly get flustered with this sweet face??

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