Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family visit and Thanksgiving 2011

 The day before Thanksgiving, we had Mike's family over for dinner.
Aunt Janet, Natalie, and Pop:

Lexi getting Rudy's paws:

Mike, Lexi, and Mimi:

Dog pile on Pop!

Lexi and Aunt Janet:

Mimi and Natalie:

On Thanksgiving afternoon we took some pictures in the park. (It was beautiful weather that day! Sixty-one degrees!!!)
Lexi enjoyed some swinging:

...and gave some adorable bunny faces:

We had a delicious dinner with Mike's family that afternoon, but I failed to take but a couple pictures...and those didn't turn out. :(

We stayed most of the afternoon, and then later that evening visited with my side of the family, and Lexi enjoyed making more faces:

Natalie called her cousin-to-be on the phone, many times:

Hello to the lady taking pictures on her phone:

and Lexi gave me side-eye for interrupting her playtime:

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