Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party

We put Lexi to bed, and headed out to Mickey's Halloween party on Thursday night. Natalie was SO excited about this evening...and I was too. We did up her hair and I even let her wear makeup that night. (She is always begging to wear it)
Here are the party people:

She wanted to be Sleeping Beauty again this year for Halloween. We got her a crown and wand to add to her costume:
Oh the makeup!


The castle was lit up all night as well. It was very bright, but I couldn't capture it very well without my flash. So here it is with flash:

We waiting in line for about 40 minutes to see these 7 drawves. Apparently it's a big deal b/c they only come out on Halloween. Natalie announced she didn't want to about 5 minutes away from our turn, and then didn't want to get a picture done with them. LOL. Mike scooped her up for our pic...a couple seconds later, Mike felt a head on his shoulder and heard snoring. Sleeping dozed off again!

Watching the fireworks!

They were amazing! See the castle?

This is the headless horseman holding a pumpkin. From my angle, he doesn't look so headless...

Parade characters:

Pirates of the Caribbean...Natalie surprised us and wanted to go on this ride a couple times. She really liked it:

Thanks for posing for me Jack!

Check out the spooky (or "scoopy" as Natalie says it) castle!

Speedway again at night time!

Daddy chasing us:

Dance club:

Our girl loved this! Dancing away around 11pm:

Disney is so much fun!

Dancing with goofy:

The characters at our dance party (there was another one going on across MK)

Here is how bright the castle was without my flash on. A bit blurry, but still impressive considering my shutter was open for 5 seconds and no tripod! Ah-thank you.

Daddy was carrying her to the car around midnight. Mike had glitter ALL over his head that night! LOL

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