Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magic Kingdom, day 2

Monorail was down, so we took the ferry boat over. You can imagine the line just to get onto the boat. The weather was beautiful that day, and it was much less crowded at MK.

Natalie, riding on the ferry boat:

The folks!

Smiley Lexi...note that tooth coming in down there? She worked on that all week in Florida. It's finally through.

We walked up to the castle to the same show this day. Natalie loved it just as much. But this time I knew exactly when the fireworks would go off and caught it in a picture!

Oooohing over the fireworks:

Hey there Natalie!

In tomorrowland:

This was before the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was so much fun, I think Mike and I enjoyed it more than Natalie. You sit in a cart and shoot lasers at aliens as you go through the ride. Lexi just looked at us like we were nuts.

Waiting to get on the ride:

We got 'em!

During one of our restroom/nursing breaks, Chip & Dale were walking right up the path toward us! No line! Natalie ran over to hug them. It was adorable.

She also met stitch. Stitch is an ornery booger, and most kids talk and play around with him, Natalie ran right up for a hug and the whole line behind us "awww-ed" at it. It even caught stitch by surprise, a split second after I snapped this, he hugged her back.

Ready to drive some cars on the speedway! (This is what I remember most about DW from when I was Natalie's age. I thought it was so cool that I got to drive, and my dad's reaction to my driving made it even more fun!) Natalie was excited too when we told her she could drive. Waiting in line:

Dad took these pics from the grand stands. They kept Lexi there with them (thanks guys!)

Mike was in front of this and took this with my phone:

Happy Natalie

We covered most of the ground in this park by toting our kids:

Right when the parade (and loud music) started, Lexi fell asleep:

I walked away so she could sleep, and snapped this with my phone to show her when she's older:

 Some of the pics of the parade:

Our family:

Natalie in trouble:

We went to the haunted mansion, which frankly I'm impressed she was even willing to try it. She was fine with it until the ride tipped us back just a bit and went backwards. She did NOT like that!
Here we got her the classic Mickey ears ice cream:

She didn't want to share too much with Daddy:

Before we left, we met Mickey and Minnie:

Family pic:

Lexi got her hands on Mickey's nose!

Beautiful sunset as we were leaving the park:

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