Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magic Kingdom, Day 1

This was us, glossed up with sunscreen on the first morning into Magic Kingdom:

Natalie got her "1st visit" button! She was so excited! (The necklace she has on is what I wore 20-some years ago there)

My family walking down main street:

When Natalie first saw the castle, her jaw literally (I have a pic of it) dropped. It was so great to see her reaction! We walked up to the show at the castle, and Natalie was so into it. Waving arms:

Waving at the characters:

Blowing kisses:

Ohhing over the fireworks:

Next stop, teacups!

Lexi hung with my parents for this while we got ourselves dizzy:

The next ride was dumbo. Natalie did NOT want to ride this, as she said it was a roller coaster! LOL!!  Mike forced her into the line and made her ride it (b/c we KNEW she'd love it--and we'd just spent how much for tickets?? We were going to have fun, darn it!!) Natalie would have nothing to do with Mike throughout the 35 minute wait. She was so mad, she wouldn't let him hold her hand, guide her forward in the line, and she'd turn her head away when he'd try to talk to her. It was hilarious!! She told him she wasn't going to ride with him, she would ride with MawMaw and PawPaw. *hair flip* Here they are:

This is the three of us in our can barely see Natalie behind us. Oh, and by the way, after it was over, we heard her say, "let's do that again!!"

Mike, Mom, and Natalie rode the carousel:

I found a shady spot not too far away to nurse Lexi:

I expected Lexi to be difficult while we were here, simply b/c she wouldn't get her scheduled naps in. All she wanted though, was to be worn (Thank goodness I brought my moby wrap! I ended up carrying her about 80% of the time!) and she was totally content. No drama at all. She was so happy as long as she was close to me:

Then she was out like a light! I am also grateful I packed some light receiving blankets, I put that on my chest to keep us from sweating/sticking together. She later learned when I put the blanket on my chest, that was her signal to lay her head down.

Before we left, Nani & Pop gave Natalie a gift card to buy whatever she'd like at Disney. She couldn't pass up this hat. It was really cute:

While standing in line for Peter Pan (ridiculously long line-45 minutes!) Natalie made a friend that was her age. After that ride, we grabbed some lunch and the girls got to sit together. Her mom and I have swapped info, and the girls will be having a skype chat soon! They are both looking forward to it:

Daddy & Lexi:

Magic carpets! Mom, Natalie, Lexi, and I sat up front. Guys were in the back. Lots of giggling as Natalie did everything she could to flip PawPaw's stomach. (Natalie was at the controls) Oh, and by-the-way, I was so pleasantly surprised at all the rides Lexi could go on with us. I assumed we'd have to take turns sitting out with her, but I'd say she rode on most of them with us. It was great!!

Castle at dusk:

Very tired, happy family:

On the way out, our stalking skills paid off as we found out where they were having the princess meet-and-greets. Natalie's favorite is Aurora. She finally got to meet her!!

With Belle:

...and Cinderella:

As we were coming out, the electrical parade was starting. Mike put Natalie on his shoulders, and she thoroughly enjoyed the parade. Here's tinkerbelle:


After the parade, we went back to the condo and Natalie was so excited, talking a mile-a-minute while we were half passed-out from exhaustion! First day was a success!!

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Tate Family said...

Sarah, your pictures captured the day beautifully. What a fun time!