Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

After our trip, we spent one night at home, then loaded up and drove to my parents house for a couple days. Mike and I were not feeling well with congestion and cold symptoms. Natalie and Lexi were fine at this point, and Natalie was so excited about seeing her uncle Cory, I was not going to be the one to tell her we were too sick to go. So we went!
Natalie playing with her Uncle Doug, Chase, and Uncle Cory:

Doug showing her how to hold a football:

Chasing Cory through the yard:

...and back! The expression on Chase's face is so funny. They were both laughing so hard, trying to catch him and pick on him:

Sweet Natalie:

Myself, Doug, Cory, Chase, and Natalie:

Happy birthday Dad!!

We had just a couple clusters of blue candles, but Natalie insisted we throw some pink in there too:

Lexi scooting under the coffee table:

Playing with Monnie:

Natalie hitting the ball:

Natalie and her beloved Uncle Cory:

She has already requested this picture to be put in her room:

Natalie had so much fun playing with Cory, and can't wait to see him at Christmas!

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Melissa said...

Great pics of the Byam family!